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Status: Not For Us
by panther97 on ‎01-09-2011 01:22

I think it's time we had an 11pm - 3am (or another time) night shift for one of the staff.


Last week one user put up his passport number, mobile number and more important information. No staff or educators were on at this time, and one user had to phone him to get his information taken off. About 2 weeks before that; another user put up his O2 voucher code and ending in someone actually stealing that tennerSmiley Sad


I have been checking over the forums at late times and at that time, lots of members start putting up their personal information.


Of course it's a late time, but it really reduces havoc. 


Who agree's?

Status: Not For Us
Hi Panther - as a low cost company, it's not efficient to bring on staff members to look after the forum as night when the post count and online members drop. There would not be enough work for one to do.
by hamzee211
on ‎01-09-2011 01:25
Yup i don't mind being mid might staff
by hamzee211
on ‎01-09-2011 01:26
Yeah was that the guy i called to remove his passport number and license number?
by panther97
on ‎01-09-2011 01:27

Yes. If you like the idea, give it a kudos so it can get recognisedSmiley Happy

by sauron
on ‎01-09-2011 01:29
Not likely to happen
by pauline12
on ‎01-09-2011 01:29

that will teach that guy not to put his topup voucher number , . how you know someone used it then ?

by hamzee211
on ‎01-09-2011 01:31
Sure 100 percent with you or least Giffgaff could give us rights to edit the thread or something e.g moderator or something
by pengwyn
on ‎01-09-2011 01:38
i regularily do the night shift and saw that voucher code go up. cant some people be given special status to remove sensitive info, it's not rocket science.
by sauron
on ‎01-09-2011 01:41
@pengwyn Perhaps
by hamzee211
on ‎01-09-2011 01:44
@ pengywn that's what i an saying lol Undercover Giffgaff workers
by giffgaff; ergo sum bertiebat
on ‎01-09-2011 01:51

I don't think this is going to happen any time soon as this is an additional expense for giffgaff to lay out.  


The OPs have the facility of removing sensitive information and are even given instructions by people on how to do it.  



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