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24 Hour Staff

24 Hour Staff

I think it's time we had an 11pm - 3am (or another time) night shift for one of the staff.


Last week one user put up his passport number, mobile number and more important information. No staff or educators were on at this time, and one user had to phone him to get his information taken off. About 2 weeks before that; another user put up his O2 voucher code and ending in someone actually stealing that tennerSmiley Sad


I have been checking over the forums at late times and at that time, lots of members start putting up their personal information.


Of course it's a late time, but it really reduces havoc. 


Who agree's?

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Guys like it kudo It Smiley Happy
wud be nice i dnt mind helpin out, naa but a good ida,i havent been on much the last couple off weeks but cant believe wat people put up bloody hell... But i dnt tink GG will it will cost them and they are already putting the price up we dnt want it to go even higher just to pay an extra shift... Kudos given....


It must be possible to find enough volunteers who are on the 'night shift' who could be, if not authorised to edit posts, then at least be able to access the system and send one of a number of set texts messages, directly to the poster's giffgaff mobile advising them to remove, or change the content of the post, for whatever reason ie inapproproate content, personal information etc etc.


That alert would also be sent to staff for when they come online to check if the errors have been corrected.

former giff-staffer
Hi Panther - as I've told you before - we would not give a member the rights to edit other people's posts - it would cause trouble in the community, we wouldn't be able to train you properly off site and it would be hard to monitor. For your idea to work, we'd have to hire new staff. A staff member that doesn't mind the anti-social hours, sleeping during the day, working at night etc etc.

I need to be sorted out.because people keep putting things like that on here.


It does make sense to give some of the senior members the ability (within reason) to edit posts in case of issues like this


So what if people put sensitive information on the site during the night. It's not a major emergency. Just report it to an educator and it will be removed first thing when they start. 


I really don't like the idea of some people being made into nightshift moderators. I don't even like the fact that some users have the duplicate power. giffgaff is a business and staff should hold all power.


I can't believe someone could use a voucher code that was listed. I hope that the money was recovered and if it was a member that he got banned.


You can't expect gg or ultimately us to bear the cost of stupidity like that as employing a night shift would be expensive. It might actually be cheaper for gg to pay small losses etc. although I hope they would not.


Why should the membership be put to the expense of taking responsibility for the stupidity of those users who seem to be oblivious of  basic online self protection?

A warning to to the foolish poster is all that is required otherwise there will be an assumed 'duty of care' imposed on gg & how long is it going to be before some bright spark posts a message saying that they have just suffered a disadvantage of posting sensitive data &........