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£30 Goodybag - Same as £25 goodybag but with free Extra Minutes

£30 Goodybag - Same as £25 goodybag but with free Extra Minutes

My Idea is simple. Have a £30 goodybag which, like the £25 goodybag, has 1500 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet, but also has the free extra minutes that you get in the Hokey Cokey goodybag.


The reason for this idea is that there are a lot of heavy users who require a lot more than the 1500 minutes in the £25 goodybag. Presumably someone who uses their phone that much would also receive a large amount of calls as well. Thus at the current PAYG rate they would only need to receive 50 minutes of calls to offset the extra £5 they pay for the goodybag. For someone who uses their phone for over 1500 minutes a month, they are likely to receive a lot more than 50 minutes of calls a month as well.


As far as Giffgaff are concerned, this should not cost them too much either. I think I'm right in saying the free extra minutes in the Hokey Cokey bag work because when another network calls giffgaff they pay a charge to connect to the network and giffgaff pass this onto the Hokey Cokey users. It would not be viable to pass this onto all users but like the Hokey Cokey users, perhaps giffgaff could create the £30 goodybag and pass this saving onto them.


The main idea is to have an expensive goodybag with the free extra minutes. The idea could vary to include say a few more minutes, for example: £30 - 1700 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited data and free extra minutes etc. The idea could vary, but it would be nice to see a more expensive goodybag with free extra minutes which would be suitable for heavy callers.



Note: I have seen a lot of £30 goodybag ideas and they have all been marked duplicates even though they are not, because giffgaff are considering a new goodybag. I haven't managed to find one that mentions using the free extra minutes in the more expensive goodybags so I thought it was worth mentioning so it can be considered


No, 1500 mins are more than enough. If you want free mins, then get your friends and family on the network. giffgaff have to make some money somewhere...

I ate the FAQ
Status changed to: Idea Vault

which has a status of under consideration

We are assessing how well hokey cokey does, and how much people like it. If it does look like a winner then we will consider extending it to other goodybags


You could get the £25 goodybag and have the £5 one active at the same time - would that work?