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43430 voucher line

43430 voucher line

Is it really necessary to have the geordie bloke waffling on about goodybags just to give us one option to top-up?


Surely it would be better to welcome the customer to GG and then offer 2 options:


1: Top-up with a voucher.


2: Buy a goodybag with credit - Then offer the five (or whatever is available) options.


Anyone using 43430 at the moment knows all about GB's and dont need his pathetic preamble!


They would on the other hand like to be able to order a GB when they are out and about!


:/ No no no no no! :/


I strongly disagree!


Allow me to quote:



We are an internet based company and so believe members know how to and are able to buy goodybags fromour site, therefore this isn't one of our priorities




Excuse me?


I was under the impression is a mobile phone network provider striving to make things simple and easy for it'scustomers. Do correct me if I'm wrong! (though if that's not what giffgaff is I'm worried!)


Let me get this straight - the internet -although very powerful - is virtual. Giffgaff provides a physical serviceallowing people to communicate using their mobile phones. Although I love the fact that giffgaff has such a coolwebsite allowing me to keep good control over my phone, I really don't think it is fair to say that 'we are an internetbased company'. 'We' are a 'mobile phone' based company for goodness sake!


Now, if this is the case, surely, surely, surely allowing people to control their phone from their phone is at the veryleast a priority. This includes giffgaff services such as purchasing goodybags, and maybe even sim activations? (maybe that's a bit too controversial...)


I'm not done yet!


by Head of Community vincent on 13-10-2010 12:18







:/ No no no no no! :/


I strongly disagree!

It is NOT a duplicate. "Via Text" says it all.
People need to understand something:
There is a clear distinction (at least from my point of view) between
  1. a text service i.e. text xxx to yyy and get zzz
  2. a phone service i.e. press 1 for xxx
  3. a internet service i.e. click click or tap tap! Smiley Happy

Now, I am really impressed with giffgaff's goodybags, but some serious thought needs doing about how they work(or don't work!).


Things are especially difficult for those of us who maybe don't have an internet connection or people who aren't ITliterate enough to use it (I know plenty!), or just people who don't want to be stuck on the internet all day, and liketo get around without relying on it for everything.


I have been refering to the inability to buy goodybags any way other than the website.


Another problem is when (like today) one goes to buy a goody bag and finds a nice notice saying


At this moment you can only top-up your balance. We are having a few gremlins with our goodybags.


 Great. Juuuuust great.


Whatever the excuse I don't think so many problems and delays are very fair.


If however there was a separate system to buy them via phone (text would be nice too, but IT IS SEPARATE fromthe phone thing!!!) this problem might happen less often. At least we would have another option.


Another note is that, possibly in opposition of people who say giffgaff is working on making their website work better on phones: a lot of people don't have smartphones. I know loads who never use internet on their phone and just want a PHONE that texts and calls, and is easy and reliable. There's been a bit of a boom of cheap simple unlocked phones with no internet capabilities at all.


Surely if it is a priority to get mobile versions of the site running so that a few extra people can use it, a system via 43430 where EVERYONE can buy their value goodybags using credit (without having to login or anything too!) would be a huge priority!


Anyway, end-of for now.


I recently created this thread: but feel it is a bigger issue so wanted to take it up here and see what happens.


Please do comment with your thoughts, but not if you're just looking for an excuse to post somewhere Smiley Sad can'tstand them people!







I think this needs to be revisited as GG are no longer an internet only based company because they have started ads on TV.

I have to agree with Nt.... This is a big isssie for me as o am recommending this network to people who I sell and repair phones for, most are fine, but the older, my mum and her friends rely on me to top up with the goodybags xos they do not understand the net.... If there is no way to buy goodybags via IVR.... As a side note, I am a voip tech too and built and installed many systems so there should be no problem with the coding behind the choices as you have already sorted the code for adding credit.... It has to be database driven so sort this out or lose potential customers as I have 12 waiting to sign up but will not do so until I am happy they are going to be ok with it... Listen to your community and start implementing what is asked for....

Nice to see this thread revived again... I had thought that the new 'reoccuring goodybags' would solve this issue, since then it could be set up ONCE online, and just top up with credit! Too good to be true? Yes. Of course, reoccuring goodybags have to be set up using direct debit. You can't just use top up vouchers. That would be way too convenient for people who don't want yet another direct debit.


Infact, this is a step backwards. With the queued goodybag, at least it only had to be managed every two months - now its back to square one.


I'm still waiting for Hazel to justify this as being 'Not Suitable' with 'We are an internet based company' see my previous rant ;-)




Oh, and please please lose the guy telling us about the £15 goodybag. We know. And what's the use in telling customers on a topup line that you CANT USE TO BUY GOODYBAGS!!!!


I will compliment the line other than that though. Fastest topup line than any other network I've used. Thumbs up. (Just lose the lenghthy add and it'll be even better!)


Does it cost anything to ring the 43430 number? and can I buy a goodybag from this number or do I have to do it online?? Help!!Smiley Frustrated


would be sooooo much easier to buy by text or via the phone service when putting the top up in


Hi pickeringleah, it does not cost anything to use the 43430 number. It is only useful for topping up using a voucher. Goodybags (currently) can only be bought by logging into the website.


And yes, djgiffgaff, I second that! It should at least be an option considering giffgaff is a MOBILE NETWORK!


i didnt even know there was a difference between credit and goodybag, i thought paying £15 was a goodybag


it is a bit confusing

and my friend dont know how to use a computer, and has to keep relying on the friendly guys at he phone shop to do it

so being able to top up and select a goodybay using the mobile phone is surley a priority


Well, I think it's a good idea.


To be able to choose goody bags offline on the top-up line, simply because some people do not use the Internet that much.


I joined giffgaff in February 2013 and it took me a while to realise I could convert my airtime credit balance into a goodybag.


I'm the type of person who reads everything and I had just been making calls using my airtime credit as opposed to choosing a goodybag.