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43430 voucher line

43430 voucher line

Is it really necessary to have the geordie bloke waffling on about goodybags just to give us one option to top-up?


Surely it would be better to welcome the customer to GG and then offer 2 options:


1: Top-up with a voucher.


2: Buy a goodybag with credit - Then offer the five (or whatever is available) options.


Anyone using 43430 at the moment knows all about GB's and dont need his pathetic preamble!


They would on the other hand like to be able to order a GB when they are out and about!


Well I'm in two minds about your suggestion.


I kinda like the idea of someone explaining what's available. You never know when changes will occur but I completely agree with the purchasing of  GBs being made available over the phone. I don't think this is the first time this has been suggested though.


This is already been implemented - see Vincent's comments on my idea post here


@ cinami...


Why not have a third option:


3: Find out whats on offer this month.


@ daveysludge


Admittedly I am slightly behind having not had access to giff gaff properly FOR 3 WEEKS.


Perhaps, you should be able to choose from a selection of voices in My giffgaff, rather than being stuck with the Geordie for ever!


Yeah he does get on my wick a bit too! I hate Geordie accents they sound so thick! sorry for any offence to geordies out there..

Don't like Sean Bean either because of his accent


OP is obvious southerner 


OP certainly aint no southerner!


He's from the other side of the pennines to geordieland...


Doesn't matter what accent it's spoken in, the first bit is just pure waffle!

former giff-staffer
former giff-staffer
Status changed to: Not For Us
At the moment we have expanded our IVR system as far as we'd like. We are an internet based company and so believe members know how to and are able to buy goodybags from our site, therefore this isn't one of our priorities, Kind regards, Hazel.