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£5 Top-ups

Status: We’re Looking Into It
by oslingsby virtuoso ‎30-03-2010 20:16

Kudos this idea if you want £5 top ups available

Status: We’re Looking Into It
6th August 2014 - this Idea was recently brought up again and we are going to explore whether the previous situation is still true, that the cost per transaction for us wouldn't cover the overheads. We'll keep you updated on progress.
Yes, sounds good.
former giff-staffer
Status changed to: Not For Us
06/05/2012 - At the moment this idea is still Not Suitable. The cost per transaction for giffgaff on any top up made still doesn't cover the overheads to make this idea implementable at this moment in time. (92)
@hazel i dont get this reason, you can buy a bag by card for £5, top up a non recruit sim by £5 so why not a normal top up? People may top up more if they can bang a fiver on so surly its good for giffgaff? Plus you make more from payg rates than you do a goodybag so it should be more cost effective for giffgaff than a bag purchase at a fiver.

If £5 topups aren't allowed, SIMs shouldn't expire after 6 months.



I'm not sure  if the solution that I'm going to propose anywhere goes about solving this problem but is it possible to topup £10 and then for gg to automatically give you a £5 cashback through money transaction sites such as Moneygram, Paypal and Western Union. 

Obviously, I have no idea of the logistic and technical work (even so if this is way of cashback is possible). In financial terms, its also vague whether this would dilute the costs as gg don't release the overheads but another way could be the recently developed and released apps from banks such as Barclays Ping It and HSBC Fast Balance. This requires a phone number and the steps are fairly simple but again, I haven't used these apps therefore unsure of the technicalities of setting this up so that in essence the consumer is paying £5 which would be deducted from the "my giffgaff" app? Or the financial costs of this being implemented. 


Yes i agree

5pounds top up woudl be great beacasue something people just want to top up 5 pounds since they dont have that much money to spend so 5pounds is a great idea for top up

pen69 professor

I think the initial £10 topup to register should of course stay, but.....there are a lot of low income people out there (who are currently on other networks) who may be persuaded to join giffgaff if £5 topups were introduced.


As you can currently buy a £5 goodybag via card, and this doesn't appear to interfere with the (free gif to gif £10 in 3 months - the system must be dealing with this ok), I can't see why a £5 credit topup would be any different.


I simply feel that this could introduce a new demographic to giffgaff, and would also be beneficial to all.




I agree the conditional £10 initial Top-Up should be kept.  However i think gg should add a £5 Top-Up option.  I fail to see how that will cost gg more than a £5 goodybag which are available.


If I am wrong please clarify.

I honestly think there should be a £5 credit  only option as this would be useful for small things like going over your internet but still wanting to use it or wanting to message a friend abroad. Also more options such as 5/7 GB for gigabags would be nice.