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£5 Top-ups

£5 Top-ups

Kudos this idea if you want £5 top ups available

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Status changed to: Not For Us
There is a per transaction cost for giffgaff on any purchase (top up) made. It simply wouldn't be suitable for us, as the overheads would be too big to make this work. Sorry.

I don't buy into this "overheads too big" on a cost per transaction claim...... my 02 mobile broadband top-ups start at £2!


One assumes that the mothership O2 doesn't make a loss on £2 top-ups and neither would giffgafff on £5 ones.


For the people who just use mobiles as emergency items (especially those who aren't as well off as others), £5 top-ups would be ideal.


Giffgaff in all it's low-costness should be welcoming those people with open arms. They'll cost zip to keep and £5 once in a while is better than £0.


Come on can't fold your arms and say "computer says no" with a reason that doesn't hold true because your own mother ship offers £2 top-ups, albeit for data access.


Or is this a place for giffgaff says no, now shut up and move on?



Vincent, I know this might take a bit of explaining to newer customers but can be not even offer this via Bank Transfer only therefore not incurring any processing costs?



If Tesco can take a debit card for a bottle of milk and a banana, 02, sorry GG, can take a debit card for £5 and make a hearty sum of money.


It wouldn't take anything so complex as bank transfers.......perhaps "debit card only", but 02 will happily accept my credit card for a £2 mobile broadband top-up.....and let's not forget that the £2 top-up comes with the full force of 02s marketing and "support" machine.


This should be the perfect home for light users - as well as those thrashing the data networks with their androids. The real answer is probably that light users are rubbish for the revenue per customer statistics that some suit needs to show on a pie chart somewhere Smiley Sad  


GG £5 top-ups could be the final curtain call for payphones.....there's a user-made youtube promo idea for you Smiley Wink

i think the £5 top up would be good especially for younger people £10 top up is a lot for kids to find or parents who are topping up 2 or 3 kids phones a month!

Deffo should happen.


I don't understand how £5 topups can be too much?
If you can buy £5 goodybags, then why not £5 credit?


I don't think it's a big deal really...if you only want the £5 goody bag then a £10 topup get you 2 months goodybags, as you can buy them from your credit.

I don't plan to topup again - as my points will cover my topups for the foreseeable future!


Go giffgaff Go!!!


I noticed that 3 offer £5 top-ups - but exclusively online (no vouchers).

This restriction was obviously to reduce the cost on their heads.

Perhaps you could do the same?