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5Gb and 7Gb Giggabags

5Gb and 7Gb Giggabags

As those Giggabags are compatible with dongles and mifi. Well why don't we have 5Gb and 7Gb that way you can give 3 UK a run for it's money maybe even a 15Gb if anyone can pull it off it's GiffGaff. Let me know guys
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Yeah would be good for giffgaff to build on the gigabags offering
giffgaff head-scratcher

That idea has already been suggested, if people are interested then show some support on the original

I know right and there is a pretty good mifi dongle on the expansys website the t-mobile pointer but it is simfree so that an internet solution sorted
This would be a good development. Suggest it to gg?
I would love a 5 gigabag mixed with the hokey cokey for a tenner Now ya know it makes sense
Few texts and loads of data suppose that would be quite cheap I mainly suggested this idea for linux users as linux don't half chew through some data lol

good idea

I know I woke up and it shone like a lightbulb

Depends on the demand and the price.

I know if they can pull off 3Gb for £12.50 then its easy £2.50 cheaper than the other networks