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by usaff22 on ‎17-03-2012 17:25

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a status page where it showed in large, green, orange or red letters what is happening on the network instead or like a down for everyone or just me page? The current one is really boring and shows stuff from ages ago. e.g.


It's just you.

Our network is running with no problems. If the problem persists, contact an agent.

by usmanozzy786
on ‎17-03-2012 17:26

Seems a reasonable idea to me

by syorksdeano
‎17-03-2012 17:26 - edited ‎17-03-2012 17:27

giffgaff already has one http://status.giffgaff.com but following yesterday's issues it redirects to the service updates section of the community

by george96
on ‎17-03-2012 17:31

I like it. Instead of going to the community and going through posts you see a simple answer.

by clearbluesky
on ‎17-03-2012 17:34

Would have been no use yesterday as you couldn't log in while everything was underwater.

by as7861
‎17-03-2012 19:57 - edited ‎17-03-2012 20:22

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