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APN Settings

Status: Not For Us
by ari_morris on ‎05-11-2011 20:01

Anyone who has spent more the 30 minutes on the GiffGaff help community will have seen the APN settings for giffgaff almost 50 times looking like this:


Here are the basic APN Settings. Which "should" work on all phones.


Manual Settings:


GPRS-3G Settings


Connection Name: giffgaff - GPRS

APN - Access Point Name: giffgaff.com

Proxy Server Address:


Login - Username: giffgaff

Password: password

MCC: 234

MNC: 10



MMS Settings


Connection Name: giffgaff - MMS

APN - Access Point Name: giffgaff.com

Username: giffgaff

Password: password

Server: http://mmsc.mediamessaging.co.uk:8002

MMSC: http://mmsc.mediamessaging.co.uk:8002

MMS proxy:

MMS port: 8080

MCC: 234

MNC: 10

APN type: mms


If these don't work, can you get o2 coverage in your area? - webmap.o2.co.uk

Or is maintenance happening in your area? - status.o2.co.uk


If no, you most likely have a data ban, ask an agent about this!


I think it would save people a lot of time if newcomers were emailed this by giffgaff upon activating their sim as it is becoming the most popular question on the 'help' board yet it is so simple. IT is taking up messangers time on the board when harder questions should be being answered.


Status: Not For Us
Whilst this is a common question, it's very easy to be able to search the answer. We especially don't want to send out more emails than we already do and effectively spam a member when they can find out this information easy enough on the website ~ Thanks for your idea Smiley Happy
by techraid3r
on ‎05-11-2011 23:50

You have a very good point I think you should make that a suggestion! They might not do it because many people have different phones, which might need different settings.

by ari_morris
on ‎06-11-2011 01:03
Thnx for the support but I believe this works for most phones so they can give it to everyone and say if it doesn't work then go on the community. (p.s. Pls kudo if you think this is a good idea
by mgb2
on ‎06-11-2011 05:10

the people that most need settings are usually the ones who won''t search & won't subscribe to emails.

so they will still ask.

the bigger point is what can be wrong in the settings you have copied & pasted?

the more questions there are the more chance new & inexperienced users get to answer, however the number of users who can actually troubleshoot effectively is far less than those who can simply copy & paste an answer.

still, kudos for thinking of an ok idea

by zvikarno
on ‎06-11-2011 06:00
Why email sent a message via text.
by ari_morris
on ‎06-11-2011 12:57

I dont even think email or text. I think it should be one of the feeds on the 'My GiffGaff' page 

by sheddi
on ‎06-11-2011 18:22

It would be even better if giffgaff, like a real grown-up network, were to put the APN settings on their SIMs ...

by stealthybigboss
on ‎06-11-2011 18:51
even so people will still create new threads, if they cba to read it lol
by zvikarno
on ‎07-11-2011 07:17
hey @sheddi I think each phone has a different way of putting in the settings. I don't think it will help to put on the sim card. Correct me if I'm wrong please! Also Do all phones use the same giffgaff apn? Thanx Smiley Happy
by sheddi
on ‎07-11-2011 07:27

@zivkarno all phones use the same settings, although *how* you enter them manually into a phone varies between phones.

by zvikarno
on ‎07-11-2011 07:31
thanx @sheddi so will help to put it on the sim card. Also if it's on the sim card how do you install it?

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