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by puregangsta2k10 on ‎14-07-2011 14:34

I think that giffgaff should include a option to use your cash back points to purchase apple products direct from the apple website prices should be equivilant to that on the aple website with the value of a pound being 100points as giffgaff currently runs by this price, meaning a ipod touch 32GB would cost 25,400 points. I know i previously have created a idea about using oints for a gift rather that cash/credit but it did not spark much attention and im hoping this will as many people want apple products. Please comment and spread i hope to see this implemented soon as i do not have a paypal and im sure there is many other giffgaff members who also do not Smiley Happy comment and rate if helpful

by jjstack3000 on ‎14-07-2011 20:08

also a ipod cost cheaper on amazon than on the apple website so it would be better just to use paypal


by terminatortom on ‎17-07-2011 16:46

good idea mate Smiley Happy

by as7861 on ‎26-09-2011 19:25

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