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Actively offer replacement product for withdrawn £12.50 gigabag

Actively offer replacement product for withdrawn £12.50 gigabag

giffgaff recently amended the various goodybag, goodybag with BIS and gigabag product offerings.


The £12.50 (3GB) gigabag has been withdrawn.


Upon arriving at the gigabags page with the intention of buying the old £12.50 gigabag again and seeing only the £7.50 (500MB) and £10.00 (1GB) options listed, my first thought would be to leave giffgaff and swap to another network.


In order to retain customers, this page should have a short piece of text explaining the £12.50 (3GB) gigabag has been withdrawn and direct members to look at the £12 goodybag product. This has the same amount of data for 50p per month less cost.


This is basic marketing practice. It's easier to retain existing customers than to find new ones.



Edit: As suggested below, it could also mention the 5GB for £15 goodybag there as well.



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I agree with you on this, a lot of customers may be mislead into thinking what they need is no longer offered! It would be appropriate to add a small amount of text just to explain!
giffgaff head-scratcher

A clear no brainer this one...

it demonstrates a clear lack of joined up thinking of how giffgaff view their various offerings that they can afford to alienate customers by not making the options available as clear as possible.

Yes giffgaff need to be clear about this it makes sense, but should be explained.
ace of spades
Great suggestion - I wholeheartedly concur. Additionally they could also advertise the 5GB for £15 goodybag there as well.
Clearer the better How many still forget to buy the bb add on Xxx


big cheese

After all the months of preparation before launching the change to goodybags it's inexplicable that such an elementary slip-up has occurred. It's a quick job, so why does there have to be a delay ?


Clearly supported. Whoever in giffgaff towers that missed this should be hung....jesus christ!

Completely agree, kudo! However I think the whole gigabag structure needs reviewing, why do tablet owners want to be paying for minutes and texts? Maybe have £10 for 3GB, £14 for 5GB... Well really none of it makes sense without changing all of the gigabags, which is much needed!

Makes good sense - supported.