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Add 05 numbers to call cost information

Add 05 numbers to call cost information

Please could you add the cost of calling 05 numbers to Example - my bank has given me an 0551 number to call my local branch.

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Technically the costs are already listed as an 055 number is what is known as a corporate number


See e for details


Numbers starting 055 - Corporate numbers (charged in per minute increments)

20p per minute


For some reason, the main pricing page just refers to them as corporate numbers without mentioning the 055 bit which leads to confusion, so it just needs both pages to refer to them in the same way


A thread back in 2011 promised these costs would be clarified on the price list, but it didn't happen.


The promise was repeated in February 2014 and it is now on the official list of things to be done.

See this thread and this updated list.


Most banks are now moving to 03 numbers. These are inclusive calls.



The Financial Conduct Authority will soon stop the use of surcharged numbers, so this will become a moot point.

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Status changed to: Implemented