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Add 116 helplines

Add 116 helplines

New helpine numbers for Services of Social Value came into use in the UK in 2009.


These numbers are still not mentioned in the price list.


Please add 116 helpines to the price list. Calls to these numbers are free from landlines and mobiles.


Police non-emergency number (101)15p per call
NHS non-emergency number (111)Free
Emergency Call (112 or 999)Free
Support helplines starting 116Free



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@ian011 I've never actually seen a 116 helpline number - can you give an example of someone who uses one? If it's true that the calls are free, I see no reason why it shouldn't be listed - why hide a feature?

I've never heard of 116.

But you know, might as well add it, it's free at least. Smiley Tongue


See page 13 or page 19 for details.


The complete amended call price list would look something like this image.


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Five years after these Helplines of Social Importance first came into use, they have finally been added to the price list and confirmed as being free to call.


116 numbers are used by Missing People, ChildLine and Samaritans.


A guide to calling these numbers can be found here.


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