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Add a £5 credit or Goodie bag top up for active members

Add a £5 credit or Goodie bag top up for active members

I just thought it would be a good Idea to offer £5 Top up option but with a condition as I believe you can not offer just the £5 top up option.

The condition could be something like have a minimum balance (£10) or an active goodie bag (10+).

This way I believe would help me and others a lot, so have that extra bit of credit for additional/unplanned calls out side of the allowance’s and so more and more top ups can be made when needed, rather then having too much credit that’s not of use for some time also left over credit can be reused for a goodie bag buy if short.


I found I would need some additional credit for what all of the Goodie bags don’t cover, MMS, 0845 ect ect  

And can add when the allowance is over so I can budget, until month end for next bag to start.


Am sure others would agree?

Why would that be more cost effective to giffgaff than allowing £5 top ups without the condition? You can already top up £15 then buy a £10 goodybag from the airtime.

I see what you mean with the £15 but if used the £5 left over from £10 goodie bag then the only option is £10. or even on a £30 goodie bag top up and then would have to keep buying £10 just for the need if you ever used MMS, 0845 ect Maybe a giff gaff staff could advise if more cost efective or not. but still believe is a good feature for all to have.


Not sure this is viable and I must admit I think it might be worth having a £5 top up for first activation only just to give people a taster of gg without shelling out £10.


Very useful, had £14.84 credit needed £15 goodie bag, Topped up £10 just to used the 16p.