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Affiliate online registrations for points

Affiliate online registrations for points

The idea is this: Allow users who have their own web presence (blogs/websites/forums/etc.) to promote giffgaff using an affiliate link. Users who register via this will get users a small number of points (say, 50?) and users who actually activate their sims via this method get something similar to the normal activation prize (say 300 points?)


Should be very simple to create this functionality. (Stick an extra hidden variable in the registration form if the affiliate ID is present in the request URI).


What do people think? Would anybody use this?


they're working on that, i know vince is anyways


will be good once thats up and running, i have a fair few websites Smiley Happy


Ah no, should have searched first.


My apologies for posting a duplicate!

This is a good idea, we'd use this a lot.


Yes great ideaSmiley Happy

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Status changed to: Working On It
This will be available soon.

I would defiantly use this! Smiley Happy


agreed, i like this idea and mutual benefit is a great incentive! would definately put this on my website (Realm of Lorroth)


thanks guys for all the hard work

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Status changed to: Implemented
This has now been implemented