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Allow other forms of I.D. for age verification.

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Allow other forms of I.D. for age verification.

I'm 30 something or other!!! I have no driving licence, no passport, not even a birth certificate. My only legal I.D. is a smartcities card........ And yes that is legal I.D.


Ideas? I haven't got many -

Maybe the ability to upload a photo of yourself (hey if I take out my false teeth I look pretty **bleep** old!!!)

Prescriptions are classed as legal ID (so I'm told)


Photos of your visa card???




Ooops I swore!.... I like the way the forum handles it Smiley Happy


Not sure wether prescription are used as ID? isnt there an option on it to tick the box if your under 16 and in education?


Photos would not be proof of how old you are, Plus anyone can photoshop an image or send a fake image. I guess they assume majority of people have drivers license or passport

Are you saying this because of the Internet? I didn't show my passport or driving liscense and got the internet restriction lifted

I know Citizen ID cards with a PASS logo on are legal ID.

Citizen Card.jpg


Maybe if they could accept the card numbers off these types of cards? 

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Raise a case and ask for your Adult Content Bar to be removed. The agents will ask you a few questions, perform a few checks and If you lie to us about your age, you're committing fraud. But no ID needed to remove it the slow way, Kind regards, Hazel.