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Allow temporary call forwarding when ordering replacement SIM.

Allow temporary call forwarding when ordering replacement SIM.

I'm hoping this is not a duplicate.

When someone requests a replacement sim when they have either lost their sim or it has become faulty, the existing sim is barred. The user is then unable to make or receive any calls. I propose that the user is given an option to set call forwarding to a designated number when ordering replacement SIM so that they can still receive calls whilst the new SIM is being delivered. When the new SIM is activated the forwarding is automatically disabled.

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This makes a lot of sense and if I ever lost my phone etc. I would appreciate this.


Sounds like a very useful idea to me.


I suppose the generic approach would be to allow setting of call forwarding from My Giffgaff?




I think the idea of call forwarding has been raised many times however giffgaff have been reluctant to accept the idea - probably due to the termination costs involved. However this is temporary and a very important need for a uninterrupted service (for incoming atleast).

I ate the FAQ

Yes this is interesting.  There is a short code that can be used for diverting calls 

Call divert

not reachable

** 62 * phone number where calls are to be forwarded #


If this could be applied even though the SIM is deactivated by reporting the SIM lost then it would be very useful.  It could be an option on the lost phone link to include a forwarding phone number.


To keep implementation costs down, the users themselves could be told to cancel their own divert after the SIM is working properly by using the cancel code 

Call divert

not reachable cancel


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Nice idea, I like it Smiley Happy. (ps and no, not a duplicate Smiley Wink)

This is a brilliant idea! I had to order a replacement SIM and at the time I wasn't a heavy user (still not really), so didn't mind the 2, or so, day wait. However, I can see the uses for people who receive calls a lot and even small businesses. Kudos Smiley Happy


nice idea, you have my kudos..




Thanks. I thought I'd let the duplicaters do the donkey work of seeing if it is a duplicate! Lol :smileyhappy:




Yes, there would be an option to enter the call forwarding number on the replacement SIM order page as I have stated in my post.

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I'll let you off this time, thinkpad Smiley Very Happy. And well done you've got 10+ kudos so it will be considered Smiley Happy