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Allow us to purchase SIMs with more contacts

Allow us to purchase SIMs with more contacts

It's great that giffgaff offers free SIMs - but only having 100 contacts is a bit of a pain. Could we not be able to order (perhaps pay a small fee) for SIMs with more contacts - either as an upgrade or on first requesting a SIM from giffgaff?


I'd happily pay 50p-£1 for a SIM with more contacts.


How many people still use their sim as a store for their contacts?


I only use it to back up important numbers in case my phone gives up the ghost, as you cant save email and other details on it...


That's true. I was just thinking that there are several people saying 100 contacts is a bit lame!


I think most people sync their contacts with their PC nowadays as well.


Sim cards store very litte info(name & 1 number) making them become obsolete as a contact storage medium these days...

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I agree with the previous posters, instead of asking for a larger capacity SIM, and even then most SIMs aren't that large, you would be better off storing contacts in the phones memory and setting up syncing.


Syncing is handy for three reasons a) to backup your contact details against loss, theft or errors; b) to make editing them easier, type on your PC not your mobile; and c) to enable you to easily add the contacts to other mobiles and services, such as your email.


You don't even have to connect to a PC, there are many services that will sync your contacts over-the-air, Google and Ovi (Nokia) do this, and there are many others.


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As we can see from the comments, and no kudos gotten, this idea is not suitable, simply because people do not use the sim any more these days to store their contacts. Hence there is no need to increase the capacity on the sim.

Some of us have basic phones that store even fewer numbers than GiffGaffs silly SIM.  We can sync numbers to the PC for safety, but that doesn't make them available when using the phone.  You are just saying that customers with older phones aren't suitable for GiffGaff (or that GiffGaff isn't suitable for such customers).  Maybe you figure there are few enough you just don't care.


I agree with st


When buying a new phone, a lot of people prefer just to put all the contacts onto the SIM card, and move them across that way.


This should be reviewed, seeing as there is more support for it now.


Furthermore, I understand that it is cheaper to produce and distribute the lower-memory SIM cards, but if people are willing to pay a small fee in order to have a giffgaff SIM that can store a larger number of contacts, surely that will make giffgaff money instead of making them lose it?


Like geekonthepc, i'd happily pay 50p-£1 for such a SIM.


SIMs are produced in batches of thousands, and there would be storage and supply issues with having 2 different versions, so volunteering to pay 50p extra isn't likely to make this work


more likely it would be either switch all SIMs like that, or no change