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Allow us to purchase SIMs with more contacts

Allow us to purchase SIMs with more contacts

It's great that giffgaff offers free SIMs - but only having 100 contacts is a bit of a pain. Could we not be able to order (perhaps pay a small fee) for SIMs with more contacts - either as an upgrade or on first requesting a SIM from giffgaff?


I'd happily pay 50p-£1 for a SIM with more contacts.


I agree with those who are asking for more storage capacity, and am very surprised to read an official response that states "people do not use the SIM any more these days to store their contacts".  This is completely untrue.  The respondent may not use his SIM for this purpose, but I can assure him that I do and that many others do.  This is the first negative impression I have gained since joining the GiffGaff community, and I very much hope that the earlier decision to reject the request will be overturned on appeal.  As Andy0 said, economies of scale are important here, so I would suggest that GiffGaff order 200 capacity SIMs from now on, supply them at zero or low cost to new subscribers, and allow existing subscribers to purchase them for a small fee.

Just had some community help and info on this.  I am switching from ASDA (their sims seem to allow more than 200 phone records) but will probably switch back when my credit is used, as I like to have my stuff on the sim not the phone.  Real shame.


i use sim to hold contacts and to transfer between handsets


Just got my Giff Gaff SIM card, very excited. Well I was Smiley Sad Why on earth does it only have capacity for 100 numbers?!!


Madness, I imagine Giff Gaff pay extra to manufacture a non-standard card.

Unbelievable. Cant use it. Gutted.


Bright idea - Give Same Capacity on SIM Card as Every Other Network Does ie 250.


Thank you.


Gutted of London


I agree with gg. It is no longer a question of storing numbers - phones these days allow you to store so much more information about people that just allowing 250 numbers is meaningless. Smart phones are the way forward and some form of central backup is available to anyone free (i.e. Google) so why waste money on something that can never accomplish its goal and would only be used by a handful of people.

Hi, new to giffgaff - just adding my support to the larger capacity sim card debate. I know you can sync to the cloud or to your phone, but I've always preferred the option to save to sim card , then you can take your contacts with you if for whatever reason you have to switch to a new handset, such as in an emergency. Would happily pay a token amount for a larger capacity sim. Thanks



Welcome to giffgaff, but sorry mate this idea is over 2 years old and was marked as follows..


Status: Not for us

As we can see from the comments, and no kudos gotten, this idea is not suitable, simply because people do not use the sim any more these days to store their contacts. Hence there is no need to increase the capacity on the sim.

I think this has limited use, especially with smartphones now being able to transfer contacts from one phone to a new one in various way.


Yes I do think as well it would be a good idea to have a bigger memory on the sim. Yes save have it on the phone memory but what happens when you have a dead phone???? Bigger memory on sim!! Take sim out and put in new phone.


i agree with this


this is very useful as a backup - not everyone can back up to their pc, and not everyone wants to back up their contacts to google


it's also very useful when you are changing phones, of if you do switch phones a lot - ie, if you travel a lot.


i'd be happy to pay a bit to have some storage