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Alternative voicemail access method

Alternative voicemail access method

I was in Colombia for 10 days recently and couldn't access my voicemail:

- 443 simply didn't work;

- I hadn't set up PIN access to my voicemail and would be a bit reluctant to incur the charges that would involve.


That got me thinking: why not make voicemails available as sound files online? You go online (usually free in your hotel using wifi), log into your account, click on the voicemail message link and listen to it through your speakers or headphone. That way, it's free and you still have voicemail access in far-flung places where 443 doesn't work.


For such as yourself it will probably be a good Idea, may depend on what it will take to set it up, and also the cost. But good luck hope you get some response.


Nice idea, but think it would be better as an "opt-in" service rather than the default setting to save on server diskspace.


1-bit voice recording data as used for recording calls to financial institutions doesn't take up much space.  It worked well on the hard drives that were available in the early 1990s.  Modern servers shouldn't have a problem with low-resolution voicemail - nobody expects CD quality for voicemail.


Picking up voicemail on a phone is a horribly primitive experience - it really should be possible to access voicemail on a webpage - preferably one that is compatible with mobile browsers, and maybe even WAP browsers?


Voicemails are already stored digitally, so how about having an option to automatically transfer them to Google Drive, or Dropbox.  That would solve the giffgaff storage problem.



I have been using for years.  


I cancelled my carriers voicemail redirect added a redirect to the hullomail number.  All my voice calls come thru to my email as attachments so its perfect for when I am overseas - I just turn my phone off!  




Sounds like a good idea to make voicemails available online as long as it has the appropriate security measures in place. 


Like areloz, I also use hullomail. Great for use in the UK too -- instead of calling voicemail and struggling with numeric codes I can never remember, I just play using my smartphone app.


It'd be great for a native giffgaff version of course. My guess is the ROI is too low, but I hear we're supposed to let the Gaffers decide that. I like it!


Just use a 3rd party service like Hullomail, no need to add more cost to operating a service than necessary. Not everyone will want this service and it does make things more expensive for giffgaff.


Good to see someone has already mentioned hullomail.


Visual voicemail has really changed how I use my phone. I get a text message like precis of voicemail arrive and can then load up an app to listen to the voicemail. If my phone's not on at the time an mp3 of the message gets emailed to me.


It would be amazing to have a giffgaff Visual voicemail app.


Years ago I had a vodafone business phone and they did this (plus you could send faxes to your mobile number and they would appear online as PDF's). Both were really really useful on a number of occasions and I still miss not having them from time to time.

Also very useful as you can save them to your computer etc if you ever need to keep a copy handy for some reason.

Giffgaff should definately do this. I think it was a great feature that a number of users will find beneficial from time to time.


Another hullomail user here, couldn't reccomend it enough. Although before you go abroad, you need to activate call forwarding to avoid roaming charges.


From the Hullomail website

If you phone is turned ON whilst abroad and you receive a call that you are unable to answer, you are charged for the voicemail call as if it was a roaming call (with the exception of within the EU). You will then typically receive an SMS notification and upon receiving that, you are likely to call in and listen to the voicemail, which again is a roaming call.


You can minimise these charges by enabling 'permanent call forwarding' before you leave. This means whilst in your home country, your phone will not ring, but will transfer straight to voicemail. This means if you turn your phone on whilst abroad, the call is still handled in your home country, thus not subject to roaming fees.