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An "all you want" day !!!

An "all you want" day !!!

Hiya everyone Smiley Wink


I have a suggestion concerning the recent "outage" with giffgaff.


This affected people throughout nearly a whole day - and so, to satisfy people that they have been compensated and to regain people's trust, I suggest that giffgaff may have a day where (the opposite of yesterday) you can send as many texts/calls/internet as you wish.


This is an good alternative to compensation in the form of credit - or money because it would not incur an ongoing cost for giffgaff - it would all be done in just one day Smiley Wink


Alternative suggestions

-Everyone could do this on different days i.e you get to chose when you use this "all you want for a day" thing

-There could be a limit i.e. 300 texts and 100 min and also a certain amount of internet - so people couldn't abuse the system.


Any comments and improvements would be welcome (even if they are negative!!!) 



ps: this day would only be available to customers that were active and already a member on the 16/03/2012 insuring that people-upon hearing about this day - just joined gg for a day - and then left again.


I think it would be difficult to implement an all u want day & a better solution would possibly be to give an extra day on the expiry of those who had a goodybag active on that day as they had prepaid for that service. The rest did not loose any credit, they could receive calls/texts etc so they should get like a choice of free calls (i.e. 30mins) & free texts (i.e. 150).

I'm right...

Sorry , I can't see any reason for this ,  I don't think any form of compensation is required .

Never mind cost to Giffgaff and the problems setting it up would cause. A one day free for all would bring the Giffgaff network down on its knees. The system would never cope with that amount of usage. It would be crazy to try this.

Nice idea, but I have visions of the forums the day after "all you can eat day" being full of people with "updating your goodybag" problems Smiley Sad


Forget compensation. Lets get on with our lives


I appreciate that outage leads to inconvenice and we rely on such a service. However, as soon as something goes wrong - we assume that compensation is the thing.. Maybe a good will gesture is a more appropriate way - but that comes from them... not us? It  could be something which is not going to be overly costly for Giff Gaff - and benefit people on all tarrifs... and  to be fair they have said they will be looking at that...  We don't want to get giff gaff in trouble financially because of this - do we? When they are more established then maybe this could change but as a society -  I do worry about this compensation mentallity - we dont' even know whose fault it was yet do we?... Just a different perspective... It is good to be back on!!


Compensation just encourages people to not think for themselves. If something is going to inconvenience you if it fails, then either sign up for a guaranteed100% service or get a back up plan. The most likely outcome from implementing this idea is another outage.

No, this is a stupid idea. Being without my phone all day caused me a LOT of problems. And having unlimited calls/texts for a day would in no way make up for it.


Can I just please have a return to the service that worked for me previously. Surely not asking too much to hope for a network that is up and running, a website you can access and a forum you can engage in Smiley Sad


I just don't feel loved Smiley Embarassed so what about instead a have a hug day and all the good looking ladies have to turn up at my house and make me feel loved :smileytongue Heart


I don't think this is a viable idea to be honest. Firstly, the costs to giffgaff could be enormous - they would probably be better off just giving everyone a set amount of compensation.


Secondly, the network would be incredibly slow - think of all of the customers using their phone to the max on the same day. I can imagine the network going down again because of it!