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Android application please!

Status: Idea Vault
by dwozz on ‎15-06-2011 14:53

Could it be possible for you to create an Android app which could show balances, usage, ability to top up, etc etc.

I know there is something for the iphone, but don't forget us Android users!

by yaakov1
on ‎15-06-2011 14:53

i thought there was mygfiffgaff for android

by mitchell2010
on ‎15-06-2011 14:55
there's an app called "mygiffgaff" what does most of this also giffgaff dont make the giffgaff apps volunteers of giffgaff do
by shortylumber
on ‎15-06-2011 14:55
There is an app for android. Try search my giffgaff
by giffgaff_1
on ‎15-06-2011 14:57
Yes its already available
by cinami
on ‎15-06-2011 15:03

Yep, one already available, although its a member created app, not giffgaff created. I have it though and it works perfectly fine. 

by dwozz
on ‎15-06-2011 15:08

It's ok but could be improved.

It only shows Balance, Auto top up, Free Giffgaff calls, and any Goodybags.

There is a top-up tab but this is only for entering a voucher number

The other tab gives access to the Giffgaff community.


There is no provision for paying via a registered debit card. You cannot purchase Goodybags.


Could we have a few improvements?

by yaakov1
on ‎15-06-2011 15:09

youy also cant do that on the iphone app

by mitchell2010
on ‎15-06-2011 15:10
you would have to email the creator of the app, since giffgaff don't have anything to do with the giffgaff apps I'm afraid
by zobia22
on ‎22-08-2011 17:48

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