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Ask an agent - SAVE the text/info if I type something wrong. Please.

Ask an agent - SAVE the text/info if I type something wrong. Please.

The title is self-explanatory. When something goes wrong with the infamous form - please save my text. Don't waste my time. Don't make me furious.

My patience fizzed out last night when I spent time carefuly filling in all boxes (most of which were irrelevant to my query), then clicked...

...only to be presented with this useless result:


 problems creating your incident.gif


"There were problems"

What problems?

What should I do?

Should I try again?

Should I try something different?

 And all my input text erased. Why?


Mind boggles. Enough has been written here about Ask an Agent form, to the point it really seems giffgaff doesn't want us to contact agents that much. Please prove it  wrong. (Oh, maybe they are on PAYG contract, who knows. That would be an irony indeed...)


So, just make the form remember the user's input. It's not difficult*. I could probably code it in 30mins.

And if the form gives me a hint what to do next, double points!


* EDIT: I noticed the idea about Changing the iPhone5C colour-selection button to the correct hue of the actual handset. Idea having been accepted. it's turned out it's not an easy thing to do. Change a colour of a button. Oh dear. Is there hope?


(Yes, the form already has JavaScript checks in place, for correct dates etc.... great, but this all goes literary out "of the window" with the above message.)

PS: I do realize we don't want members to inundate
Agents with all sorts of requests. Common sense.
But this troublesome form of ours is a single point of contact for some major account issues. And there are better ways of making this work. I am only happy to help in fact.
We won't let you sleep on your Which laurels, giffgaff. We are the boss Smiley Wink

head honcho
Nice idea. This is one of my pet hates, and applies to more than the Ask an Agent form. I suspect it is beyond giffgaff control if it is down to the Lithium software that runs this site, but no reason why we shouldn't push collectively for improvement.


For web browsing there's an extension called Lazarus that saves forms as you go.
I would have hoped that this happened already. You have my full support.

You're right, @keithctaylor Lithium might well be a stumbling block here. Sometimes I forget about Lithium. (Respect to Michael Wu, though I suspect his domain is utilizing social interactions rather than enhancing them, at least as far as Lithium goes).


And who knows, maybe, once a week, in a random office corner in Uxbridge a muted sentimental argument spillso ver about platform selection vs DIY...


Still, it's just a *#$%*  framework, isn't it? Unless Lithium has a really weird way of doing things, this is a routine customization.  It can enve be simply baked into a cookie, no extra resources on giffgaff's web-side needed...

I suspect it might be a case of UX social engineering... or less skeptical, priorities vs. manpower.


In that case: a near-singular point of support should be a prettyu constant priority for a business (right after billing, that's another story...)


Rant over Smiley Happy




I hate it when I fill in a complaint form or a discussion form in any website where you need to be signed in before you can fill in the form . . . the number of times I have been 'timed out' when making a complaint or trying to make a point . . .


So my solution is this: the most important part of the form is the additional information box . . . so I save the content of the box before trying to submit the form.


AND then if I need to restart the form, I just paste the already composed section and try again. I'm less likely to be 'timed out' a second time.




Thanks for a handy common-sense trick jesi23!


well, theoretically... if done with cookies, this could actually work even for "expired login". Say the cookie (with your text baked in) has 5 more minutes to live than a login-expiry time, then on reload/login it could grab the text from the cookie. Subject to data&privacy policy/sessions implementation.

Devs, please correct me where appropriate.


*Before gmail glory, I always advised friends to compose their emails in notepad/writer. Sounded silly extra effort, but one day, after writing a heartfelt announcement/begging/break-up/ letter to your friend, you'll be grateful... ;-)

(I was lucky enough to get a gmail invite back in 2005. end of brag).




Sounds very sensible. Supported.

Using Ctrl-A, Ctrl-V on the text box before trying to submit, is easy on a PC, but it's a real hassle on a touch-screen phone. Anyone writing a long missive about a problem is more likely to get logged out, and they were probably the people who were giving the agent the full details that were needed. Idea supported.

Glad to be of use. On my touchscreen iPad if I hover with my finger in a box too long I am given choice to select all . . . and then I copy . . . I expect it might work in a similar way? 




great idea, surprised it hasnt recieved more support yet



we've got 20 already! Thank you all so far. Have a nice start to your day Smiley Happy