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Associate two numbers to a SIM

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Associate two numbers to a SIM

Would it be possible to have two numbers associated with a SIM? it'd be useful when porting a number to giffgaff if the original number continued to work for a few days after the switchover.

If the user wanted to keep two numbers longer than this then it could be possible with the payment of a small monthly fee.

Of course if there's two numbers associated with one sim there'd have to be a way to decide what is sent as caller ID. I suggest the ported number should be the caller ID once activated, but if the user wants to keep both then they could specify the default number online when setting this up.

i think its a limatation in the software that its one sim per account , you can use same email and cc details 

One sim per account - which means you can't have two sims running on the same number! Would be massively ideal though.

is this possible?

I though there'd probably be some technical limitation. It would be useful when porting numbers though if a solution could be found. It'd stop the problem of no service some people have experienced due to the porting process.
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by sim i'm guessing you mean same account ?


Yeah, to the same account.


Although it would also be good to go the other way too. Have multiple accounts associated with one user account, so if you need two phones you can still manage them in the same place.

I don't think this is possible. Every sim on whatever network has a unique serial number on the sim. All these numbers are held on a central database with the telephone number assigned to each sim serial number recorded, therefore there can only ever be one phone number per sim serial number. When numbers are ported it is merely a matter of someone updating the database so that phone number "x" is reassigned to sim serial number "y". That's a standard telecom system, not in any individual network's control to do anything different.


It is possible on some networks, but I think not on O2, or I'm not aware of it happining.


I believe that this was not in the original specification of GSM, but was added as a feature of some of the so-called PCN networks launching on 1800 MHz, thus you could have Line 2 on Orange. Whether it's spread as a techical possibility to use by all networks now, I don't know, but still very few offer it, and even fewer on PAYG

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