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Auto Renewing Goodybags

Status: Implemented
by fusionblue contributor on ‎25-04-2010 19:02

Would it be possible to have an option to set the goodybag to auto renew at the end of the billing month, or the system texts you to confirm if you want to renew ("reply YES to confirm") and then charges another £10/£35 etc for the next month?


At least this way it emulates pay monthly services but when you decide you don't want it you can just let it expire.

by handy giff-staffer gaffer
on ‎26-04-2010 10:34

Great idea fusionblue - and great minds must think alike because we're launching auto renewing next month.

by colin adept
on ‎06-05-2010 17:30

Yesss! Yet another reason to love Giffgaff

by vincent
on ‎12-05-2010 15:14
Status changed to: Working On It
Should be implemented shortly
by littlefella
on ‎21-05-2010 18:42

I like the fact that it can be a pay monthly contract but without the contract so you can drop out when ever you want .

by rstevenson
on ‎13-06-2010 00:16

Is there an update on a day this will be sorted?

by hg
‎13-06-2010 02:36 - edited ‎13-06-2010 02:36

The last updated is the one above, posted by Vincent on 12th May.

When there is a status change, it will be posted here.




by craigmcmanus
on ‎06-10-2010 18:50

Is there any new news on when this feature will be implemented?


I have yet to buy any goodybags because of the free internet till 1st Dec, but from then I'm more than likely gonna get my chops around a £10 goodybag each month and knowing I don't have to prod the website each month to buy them would be great.





by paulmitch
on ‎16-10-2010 14:00

What a great idea bring this in soon, more of my friends and family would move over if this happend

by paulmitch
on ‎16-10-2010 14:02


by martinjbell
on ‎21-10-2010 18:29

GG should hurry up and sort this out SOON. My wife is looking for a SIM only deal but does not want the hassle of PAYG. She's happy to pay £10-£15 per month and the Goodybags look like good value.

However having to manually buy a new one each month completely puts her off the idea. She'd prefer to get a contract and not worry about it.

I like the idea of GG with the low cost and lack of contract, but I'm not going to push her into something that will cause her hassle (and therefore me earache!).


PLEASE giffgaff give us a concrete answer when this will be implemented; its costing you business...

(also the fact that this idea seems to wanted by many and has been promised for 9 months makes me suspicious about future service and puts me off joining)


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