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Auto Renewing Goodybags

Auto Renewing Goodybags

Would it be possible to have an option to set the goodybag to auto renew at the end of the billing month, or the system texts you to confirm if you want to renew ("reply YES to confirm") and then charges another £10/£35 etc for the next month?


At least this way it emulates pay monthly services but when you decide you don't want it you can just let it expire.


I posted this a year ago this week and we haven't heard a peep since its supposed "implemenation".


I would like an update on this please.


definitely need an update on this, very disappointed that gg has not done so already. i can accept missed targets as long as there is a decent explanation


also worth noting that this issue is potentially putting off potential customer, for example see this thread:


edit: also see this one:


edit: and another thread asking about it:


Hello everybody, new around here Smiley Happy


Hmm, that is a bit dissapointing - I am a 6 year o2 customer on the brink of porting over to GG and my last thought tonight was 'I hope they do some kind of auto-renew because I don't want to be bothered with having to top up or worrying about running out of credit'.  I have never been a PAYG customer and to be honest I wouldn't even have considered it if it hadn't been for GG's reviews and way of doing business that interested me.


I Googled my concern and this thread came up - I thought 'Brilliant' this threads decades old, by now GG would have sorted all of that out...Needless to say 5 pages of comments and a year go by and Nada from the GG team, nothing, zilch.  What gives?  Is this the sort of response that I could expect from GG to a really good & and seamingly simple and straight forward idea to implement?


PAC in front of me - thinking twice...would like to hear some firm response from GG.


You said:

Status: Implemented

As an update to this idea, I can say we are looking to finally implement this in full during the first quarter of 2011. Sorry it has taken so long, but we've run into a few issues and prioritisation difficulties regarding this.
So how long is a "quarter" then? It is May now!



@occams cat - don't let that put you off. Giffgaff are a small team and there have been many changes over the year and a bit and this will be resolved. You can queue another goodybag currently so don't have to top up every month currently.


It works like this, you buy a goodybag (try and do so before 10pm due to system database controls) which becomes active for a calendar month. Straight away or later you can buy (queue) another goodybag which automatically starts when the currently active one expires (you can only have one goodybag active on your account at a time). You can then wait until the other one expires and buy two as stated above or buy one just before it expires and the next day 'queue' another one as shown above.


Not perfect but hope it helps you make your mind up a little easier Smiley Happy

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Status changed to: Working On It
Argh! More problems Smiley Sad Now looking at the third quarter of this year for final delivery. Who could have ever expected this to be so hard and so much other stuff taking priority. Our aplogies for the delay in delivering this. Cheers, Vincent

Thanks for the update, appreciate you taking the time to keep us in the loop!


...roll on Q3, as it's certainly something I could make use of and which I know would make a lot of other members lives a lot easier too!


thanks for finally giving us an update, would have prefered one soon though!


I too want the service without worrying I might forget to go & renew it...


In the meantime.. Can I queue goody bags a month in advance?


I just started one today. I would like to pay for another so it starts when the next finishes..


Do I just buy it or do I have to wait nearer the end of the month?