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Auto-email proof of sim/phone barring for insurance claims

Auto-email proof of sim/phone barring for insurance claims

This was posted on FB waall this morning


"giffgaff, why don't you automatically send proof of handset/sim barring? I'm unable to claim on my insurance without this. Smiley Sad"


Seems reasonable, and not too resource intensive.


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Phil  (woohoo, first idea Smiley Very Happy)



Sounds fairly simple to implement and potentially useful. Would save the time an agent has to spend to create a report if the lost phone / lost sim report can be automatically generated.




Can't see this being a problem re fraud - at the moment people could very easily manually get the message from an agent, claim on the insurance, and then cancel the bar a few days later. Making the system automated doesn't really change anything as far as fraud goes - and in any case it's not gg's fault if people choose to abuse the system in this way.


Nice, simple idea. Kudos.


Yup I like..... I also need to sort out insuring my phone!!!!!!

GG should feedback

Hi @kurtiss5561 - not really, your idea was for the information to be available to everyone. This one only calls for it to be sent to people who have reported a lost phone Smiley Happy


My idea was similar in the sense when you reported the device as stolen it would let you get a PDF file of the required papers for the insurance company.


im having a problem with the email giffgaff sent to the claims department for my phone insurance, giffgaff recieved an automated response to say that their email had been recieved but the claims department claim that a day later they dont have the email saying its probably because the attachment was a word doc and not a pdf, this is now holding up my claim and i will be without a phone for even longer because it will take longer to process.

im not happySmiley Mad

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Hi guys, this is a great idea however we felt not for us. Part of the reason is technically difficultly in actually implementing it, and the other is that we feel these requests needed to be handled on a case-by-case basis. Thank you for the idea and the huge support, I look forward to your future contributions. Kind regards, Hazel.