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Ban all mention of religion.

Ban all mention of religion.

As you can see from:

religion is a sensitive topic. I think it would be best if gg just completely ban it from public posts.
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Good idea but just because of one factor you ban all types of mentioning of religon. ? 

There could be more, and it could end up getting serious.
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Yes i understand master liam Smiley Wink 


Although a religous subject can be allowed if it is kept clean. 


C'mon liam, this isn't a post for the Ideas board .....

The people who check this board have enough to do already with the number of new/duplicate ideas posted.  Give 'em a break.

i think that if people are to learn about religion and learn to understand each other, we need to not be afraid of the subject Smiley Happy so banning mentioning religion wouldn't work. however, religious abuse or offensive comments shouldn't be tolerated
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It used to say in the forum rules not to discuss religion or politics ( I'm sure I didn't imagine that) it doesn't say it now though, maybe it should ?

Many people derive great solace from all sorts of religions. If an individual chooses to go on an uncharacteristic rant, then that is down to that individual. Many topics are potentially controversial, but they should not be banned as a sop to the intolerant

The topic linked has been removed. Also, jaycats post made me cry out loud. I him/her a pm.

"The topic linked has been removed. Also, jaycats post made me cry out loud. I him/her a pm."


which I've responded to .....

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Terms of use link from Vincent's community guidelines thread, prohibits discussions leading to the promotion of discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.