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Ban certain discussions

Ban certain discussions

I know its nannying the forums but with recent discussion threads mainly in off topic on sexuality, religious beliefs, race or politics usually going into a big heated debate and some users think they can get personal with there comments i suggest that the forums completley ban the following discussions in any shape or form full stop and maybe put in the terms for it not to be discussed. Too often many people get some hatred against them when discussed. topics i suggest need banning full stop either positive or negative are

2. Sexuality
3. Politics
4. Nationality

Something really needs to be put in place before any of these topics explode into insults. I suggest if the banning of them is applied then the issue would get eradicated. What do you think ? I just think its the only way for the mindless twits and bigots and hatred too stop.
I can understand where your coming from but a blanket ban is against the ethos of gg. GG prides itself as the only one in the market to have an open community and if it starts banning everything where will it stand? Also whenever a discussion turns into an argument the topics are locked which I think is sufficient and I'm sure gg contact those involved warning them of their behaviour.
I agree to some points but banning should be done by a mod after being warned first.if they continue they at least got a warning before the ban

Because ive nothing better to do on Christmas day I notice that that is usually a point to start some discussion about god or whatever. People sometimes just like to get stuff off their chests. I say live and let live.

I ate the FAQ

The strange thing is that I found this idea  which should in theory make this a duplicate given the duplication reasons but I the relevant quote I can't now find?

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i agree in someways ..but we cant just block.out things because a minority cause trouble .. report offensive posts and the edds will deal with them . dont get drawn into slanging matches

The problem is you get trolling all over the internet even on giffgaff if you ban certain discussions they'll just find something else to troll about.

big cheese

My guess is the original quote bertiebat is looking for may be lost in the mists of time with the changes in the Community Guidelines over time...


We have had some contstructive discussions on these topics such as 'gay giffgaffers' and 'Ramadan corner'. Yes, these can bring out the controversial comments but overall they have been constructive and helped with community building.


A blanket ban would certainly stop the controversy but it would remove the positive bits too....



I agree with the idea, not because of what is written in such threads, but why should we in a 100% telecoms community discuss 100% private life issues which can be discussed in specialised forums.


I did read every post in the thread zippygeorgebugle is referring to, I found that it went out of control, not intentional but due to extremely different point of views and due to lack of understanding, I need not to describe further.


I feel I can along with Mary due to her well balanced point view based on previous experience.



I'm right...

The following is what I posted in the thread about this  ........ and as I say at the end of it ........ It Works For Me . 


Three things I make it a point not to get drawn into " discussing " 




Sexual preference 




As has been said ...... Live and let Live , ( as long no harm is being done to anyone  and I'm left to my own preferences )  .


It Works For Me ...... :smileywink:


 I don't think a blanket ban on those subjects is the answer  , I honestly think it's up to the individual to not get involved in topics that they know might be provocative to them . 

I strongly disagree. We should have free speech, a consequence of that is that some people will say things we don't like. We just have to accept that. Although giffgaff already locks religious discussion threads. As usual, religion gets undeserved special treatment. Bullying should be stopped but expressing controversial views should not. Everyone is free to argue with such views