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Bank transfer to pay money into account.

Bank transfer to pay money into account.

Firstly this idea is not to get you payback transferred into your bank account.

My idea is to allow customers to transfer money into their giffgaff account from their bank account. With many banks now supporting instant or faster payments the money would be in you account very quickly.

It would work like this:
1. You sign into your online bank.
2. Set up the details of the giffgaff account (these can normally be saved so this step only needs to be done the first time).
3. Ensure your phone number is the reference of the payment so giffgaff k ow which account to allocate the payment to.
4. Select the amount to transfer.
5. Send the payment - job done money in your airtime account.

Because this costs the customer nothing and giffgaff pretty much nothing even if they have to pay, it will reduce costs and allow smaller top ups, for example £1.

Any money not correctly allocated to an account, for example it is for too small an amount, wrong phone number or close account can simply be returned to the sending account.
heavy hitter

Wouldnt this be a little redundant since we can topup with debit cards?

However, I see how this will benefit those without debit cards (though most ppl with a working internet connection will tend to have debit card)

By allowing smaller topups, I wonder what the gg to gg free calls/texts policies are. Allowing smaller topups might mean reducing the 3 month window. Certainly, this might make it more confusing for the consumer.


The more ways a company can take money the better.





I can see the advantages of this in that someone who wanted to pay £5 a month could do so and that charges for Giffgaff's use of O2's systems would not be increased. However in order to do this then someone would need to set up a system of either a manual or automated allocation of payments to accounts on a daily basis as your payment would just be received in Giffgaff's bank account with your reference details i.e. mobile number and would not show on your Giffgaff account.


This would mean that you could make a payment one day that would potentially take three days to reach Giffgaff's account then possibly one more day to allow for transfer to your account so you would not get access to those monies for FOUR days - compared to the current system of nearly instantly for £10 top ups.


Added to this is the cost of transferring details to individual accounts - if it is automated then this will be minimal but if it is manual then that would be the cost of someone doing this which means employing someone to do so.


If the allocation process can be automated and monies are transferred from your bank account to Giffgaff's bank account within a few hours so that the maximum you have to wait is 24 hours then it would be worth considering.


Unfortunately it is not so easy to set up as the idea itself...

This is be the best idea i have seen on here for a long time ( ps the op is not related Smiley Happy) just been reading the rules on my barclays system called> pingit app < which i have not used as yet This enables monies to be transfered from current accounts to other mobile users numbers or to a company with a business allowing you to pay from £1 up to £300 per day .......this allowing top ups of any denomination And free from card charges Huge savings could be made for giffgaff card processing payments ( drawbacks r it can take between 2 and 24hours to complete ) this is a serious idea and need a good look at by giffgaff kudo 1 from me well done
I would like u to think about editing your idea > adding a bit on paybacks there is potentially vast savings to be by making the paybacks direct to members bank accounts by not needing paypal and avioding there percentage charge ! Most members now having smartphones they can set up online banking and use the apps available for this to be available to those that want it > i know paypal has a protection service but so does the online apps and previous ideas on payback to bank accounts have been duplicated back to a idea which was classed as not suitable ( before smartphone app were available ) * note the not suitable status mean not suitable at that period in time * transfers via a app is now suitable as it new technology ?

I'd like to know accurate charges rather than assumptions of it being free to do before agreeing it's a good idea.

What I have provided is an idea, If I had access to giffgaff data I could draft a business case. It is free for transfers between personal accounts if done via online banking. However I do not know what kind of account giffgaff have.
I would imagine that there would be a lot of expense setting up such a system. giffgaff currently only accepts online payments, which work in a completely different way.

It is fine saying use online banking for payments but I do approx 5 payments a day using the faster payments system and the time needed to do it is way out of proportion. In my mind it would be physically impossible to process the number of payments necessary for payback in this way. To make it possible it would have to be completely automated as I imagine the PayPal system is now. I am not sure but I get the impression that PayPal charges for receiving money in bulk may in fact be quite reasonable.

@ouaisne The new apps do away with the long drawn out process the barclays pingit app is a 5 digit log on and you simple select the ammout and send to contacts in your phone book !!! I agree online banking transfers are naff long winded affairs ........ But the new apps are easy and quick as sending a text mate Smiley Happy