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Blackberry BIS & wifi add-ons

Blackberry BIS & wifi add-ons



In the past MVNO's have been out to attract the low spending feature phone users.  Smartphone users will be attracted to giffgaff as they offer good deals for mobile data however.....


Could giffgaff maybe think about supporting BIS and offering an add-on for BT Openzone wifi. If they do this they will start to get lots more smartphone users, there are lots of people out there who don't want to be on a contract and are happy to supply their own handsets. Traditional mobile networks seem to have problems seeing themselves as just the cellular or data supplier, they want their customers tied to them via a contract. There is a market for a network that will look to support everyone from the 12 year old that wants to send 300 text a week and talk for hours using a low cost Nokia to someone who is happy to spend a lot on a handset but also wants data, blackberry services and to be able to check ebay while sitting in Starbucks via wifi.




I also thought it would be good if giffgaff supported blackberry. However a few issues for me.


1. if I go over seas or roaming, I am left in a postion were I cant use the BB system to suff web etc. I also tend to but a local sim to cut costs none come with BB.


Secondly with most phones offering email acess is BB now a thing of the pass? Example, I have a samsung Galarxy tihe email acess that comes out of my internet allowance and allowed me access to 10 email accounts. Im in the process of buying a HTC desire and it will do the same if you have  a nokia mobile you can down load nokia messaging with also gives you 10 email acounts and it is push email like Bb.


I used a BB Bold 9700 there for a week and a Nokia 5280, BB on orange PAYG  and the nokia on three PAYG using Nokia Messagaing, I found I was getting emails via nokia Messaging 5 mins before BB


Hi Solo12002


Thanks for leaving a comment ref. my suggestion, just thought I would give you my thoughts. 


With regards to roaming I never buy a local sim, simply for the reason that the people I want to keep in contact with when I am overseas are in the UK and they will always call my UK number. Yes for local calls a local number is helpful however I don't make that many local calls when I am overseas and many hotels offer free local calls.


I don't think that BB is a thing of the past and their sales figures seam to reflect this. RIM are selling more Blackberrys now than ever before.  In the past outside North America Blackberry was seen very much as a business device, however thanks to iPhone many people now want their handsets to do more than just make and receive voice calls and sms/mms. So there are more and more consumers buying smartphones and Blackberry is a brand that has some status.   I do however think that Blackberrys OS does feel very old compared to iPhone OS or Android and if Blackberry OS 6 is not more like either of them then they could be in trouble. 


I have never used a Blackberry on PAYG so I don't know if the service is different.  I have 9700 with a sim only plan and BIS add-on this is on Orange and also a storm 2 on Vodafone. Both of these receive my email in near real time, much more quickly than my HTC Magic or my iPhone's. However HTML style emails look pants on Blackberry compared with iPhone or Android. Going back to roaming, for me its much cheaper to check my email on my Blackberry when I am overseas than it is on my iPhone. On one weekend I spent £30 check my email on my iPhone compared to £5 on my BB.  (data roaming rates on Blackberry are for some reason much lower than iPhone.)  Free of charge wifi thankfully is becoming more and more normal in hotels, cafe's etc so in time with luck cost won't be an issue.


I did however at one time have an 8900 on T-Mobile and it would receive emails much more slowly than my (at the time) Blackberry Bold that was on contract with Vodafone. I was told by someone that T-Mobile gave Blackberry less network priority than other networks so email was sent more slowly. I wonder does Orange do this with PAYG Blackberry customers? If Blackberry email was really much slower than Nokia's system then I wonder why Blackberry are still such a big hit with business users. I think you might of just had a bad experience mate.


Just my view









thanks for  your posting its good to have a debate about issues and put your views across. In respect of your plan with Orange I note o2 are doing 12 month Sims only contracts which cost £10 and offer unlimited texts likely 3000 , but it includes 300 mins and BB access and free wifif so maybe they also feel there's life left in BB> I know three plan to have PAYG BB on their network later this year.


I note your point about costs to obtain email on iphone and blackberry and I think that's well worth noting, only being from NI Im a bit tight and I have the idea of  that paying  round about £5 for  two days BB access high if your were there for a week. and its a shame networks dont do something about this or allow you to say pay £5 for a weeks access for BB. Maybe thats why i like the nokia  and PAYG sim card as it gives you data acess and push email, were Ive not been able to find a PAYG sim with BB within EU yet.


Funny thing is I have a samsug Gallxay on giffgaff using seven push email on the touch screen is so hard to use for emails etc Ive just ordered yes a BB Bold 9700 unlocked and have got a £10 12 month BB sim card from o2 (lol) so maybe giffgaff will piggy back of the o2 BB network at some stage soon.


let the deabte roll on (lol)





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