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Buy a goody bag top up voucher

Buy a goody bag top up voucher

At a paypoint (Post Office etc..), you can buy a GiffGaff top up. Considering that most of  us use goodybags, wouldn't be a good idea for GiffGaff to have 2 PayPoint options, one for a GoodyBag?


For example:


I go to the Post Office and buy a £10 voucher for 'GiffGaff - GoodyBag' and then all I have to do is call the top up service and enter my code.


This would also be good for the older generation who want to join GiffGaff but don't have frequent access to the internet and would like to use GoodyBags.

I'd imagine this would be quite tricky to implement and may prove costly for it to be added to the pay point system. No other network offers anything other than a credit balance topup from a pay point machine so the above reason might be why. Nice idea though
I think it has beensuggested that people could buy a goody bag by phoning...but I believe it was rejected..don't know why because it could be an automated service

Other networks don't use that feature because they don't have a 'GoodyBag' concept, and I think that the costs involed will be ok if it attracted the whole elderly community..!


Would be a bit too open to mistakes with different bags costing the same amount. Can see lots of situations where you asked someone if they could get you a £5 goodybag voucher while they were at the shops and it was the wrong one they got.

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As i said in another idea just add the ability to buy goodybags on the top up line from your credit then there is no need to get the right voucher and people complaining the shop sold them the wrong one
Other networks do have rolling contracts though which is a little similar to goodybags

I posted an idea very like this the other day. It ask for the option to convert your top-up to  a goodybag on the phone.

This was rejected and said to be a duplicate.  I asked for this to be put up as a poll, but hey no reply there.

Come on GG bean counters, you are missing out on a opertunity for a new revenue strem. A lot of people can use the phone based browser or the web site to convert, but I do not think you realise on how many people do not have the ability.


I can not be the only member who has seen people shun GG because the would use the service for calls and texts but do not have the ability or means to go online.


Please, just put this to a poll, I think it will open your eyes to a potential problem with swelling the ranks of GG.


Joe, sorry for hijacking your thread, the more people who comment about converting goody bags may make the bean counters listen.


Tbf, it's the cost of setting this up and running. Not only that, but people get confused with goodybags and gigabags as it is, so this would only confused people in store too, meaning business' wouldnt be happy....

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