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Buy credit to make up the right amount

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by autumn on ‎06-01-2011 14:51

I have £19.69 and I am about to buy my next goody bag out of my air time balance, it is a shame I dont quite have enough for the twenty pound goody bag as I would like to give that a try. I was wondering if there was a way we can by a bit of extra credit when we are in a situation like this? I am sure I can't be the only one who as wished they had a few pence more credit. I don't wabt to have to top up an extra ten pound as I don't feel I need to yet because once I have my goody bag I don't usually need credit for a while.

If anyone else sees where I am coming from please contribute or even Kudos me! x

by lordofangels
on ‎06-01-2011 14:55

Nice idea, but not financially worth it,

and wait for it to be marked as a duplicate

by tortoiseshell
on ‎06-01-2011 15:02

Because giffgaff have to pay a fee for each card transaction, I'm afraid that small-value transactions like these aren't financially viable.

by kieters
on ‎06-01-2011 18:07

I would like this too, but as others have said, this is not financially viable. Perhaps a 'block' on anything using credit beyond the goodybag would be an alternative idea...

by sauron
on ‎07-01-2011 04:52
Never going to happen due to handling costs that GG incur when credit is bought.
by shirazcab02
‎09-01-2011 17:25 - edited ‎09-01-2011 17:26

On my previous network I could top up £5 so surely this is possible? After all there is a £5 gody bag option, so why not £5 credit? I agree topping up fiddly amounts would be difficult to administer but a £5 option would be use for those with low usage and/or are on a low income.

by giffgaff head-scratcher darrenpainter
on ‎09-01-2011 17:32

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