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Calling Tunes or Dial Tunes

Calling Tunes or Dial Tunes

Would it be possible for GiffGaff to implement Calling tunes? Various companies call them different things, orange call them "ringtagz", t-mobile call them "calling tunes" and 3 call them "dial tunes"


It is basically where when the person that calls you hears your favourite song, voice clip or sound effect instead of the "ring ring" tone.


I had this when I was on 3 and it was great.


Kudos if you agree


My mate is on 3 and he has one..... I hate it lol.... It's the tune from Top Gun. Very annoying... but that's just my opinion.

Kudosed. It's a fun thing to have. A friend on Orange had Snow is Falling as his, and I rang him in May sometime, LOL! Smiley Happy
Yes, I would definitely be interested in this, just looked at ringtagz, and they are very cool. I REALLY WANT GIFFGAFF TO DO THIS! Haha ;D
Yeah this would be great, I used to have them on my orange phone, few of my friends have them as well, Giffgaff, need to do this!!! Does anyone from Giffgaff know if this is possible???

Did a search and found this.


Is this possible??


This would be great, I'd happily use credit for this service Smiley Wink


I would love this! Was hoping GiffGaff would have it installed already when I joined =[

lives and breathes giffgaff

hmm would require song copyrights ?