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Calls & texts from laptops & tablets: o2 Tu Go for giffgaff?

Calls & texts from laptops & tablets: o2 Tu Go for giffgaff?

Just came on here to search for & give Kudos to any suggestions for this - the only thread I found was back in March when the feature was unknown & wasn't picked up - currently only available to o2 pay monthly , but this feature would go down a storm with GG users.


I have been testing it today & have to say (in agreement with a very good Android app review) that it does seem to work better on higher end phones (could not call on my SG mini, but on the SG note it works perfectly).  This may be the thing that brought me back to GG after the data charging fiasco.


link to o2 page for those interested:



A couple of media links:



Vodafone users looking jealous!



Please can you seriously consider this one?  This plus the improved £10 GB could make me consider trying GG again.


Just checked it out now (heard of it but never bothered to check it ) I really like the idea like the mighty text app you have on android but much better as you can call too. kudos given! 


Cheers - more info added to first post.


Really like this idea, would actually be really useful. Kudos. Smiley Happy


Cheers ma2013 - I couldn't believe that it hadn't already been suggested recently with the amount of o2 advertising.


I did notice from reading the information that was listed on that O2 website link, that the App is currently only available for O2 pay monthly customers.


I don't mean to put a dampener on your enthusiasm, but until O2 PAYG customers get it (and I'm sure they will at some point), there's probably not much point proposing this idea just yet.


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Agreed, but I think I read that p&g o2 are getting a beta... fingers crossed!

whats wrong with using a good old mobile phone to do all this from? why would we need to use a laptop or tablet when we have perfectly good phones

This is nothing new "text from laptops on O2 was about 10years ago" through there blue book that was text and text storage system and on payg , but it was only 25 free text per month Smiley Sad



But the calling features is really good. Would be great if I could use my min from a ipad or laptop!


I feel your thinking unlimited data on devices that can call and text ? Dream on lol not on data munching tablets ect Smiley Happy