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Change the sort order of giffgaff recruits

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Change the sort order of giffgaff recruits

At the minute when you visit it shows you all the sims you have ordered and all the ones that have been activated, which is obviously dead handy.


You can filter the list to show either Activated, Not Activated or All, which is also very useful.


However the list is constantly displayed in the order you ordered the sims in and there is no way to change it. I like to keep track and count how many activations I've had in a month and it's quite difficult because of this.


My suggestion is to allow you to sort the list by each of the table headings. It would just be done by clicking each heading on the table, the first click would sort ascending and a second click would sort descending.


It would also be handy to be able to display more than 5 at a time, so maybe a dropdown box where you can choose how many to display on the page would also be good.


These options would be very useful to me, perhaps I'm the only one. Let me know what you think :-) Thanks.

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I'm pretty sure there been quite a few suggestions along those line made. Certainly seen them chatting about it in the stamps thread not sure of there is actually something accepted already
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It wouldn't be nice to have them listed by the date activated and not the date ordered!
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@pinkcalculator I did do a search couldn't find it as an idea? Maybe you can point me to it.


@eddnoon You mean 'would' right? :-P


Would be useful imo.

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Blimey this was suggested in 2011 and it's still under consideration, wouldn't take a lot to do either. Shame.

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Status changed to: Idea Vault

The original idea (feel free to comment and support) is under consideration Smiley Happy