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Cheap international calls on GG

Cheap international calls on GG

Mobile operators are nowadays working with voip providers to provide cheap or free voip calls. As we know, Three provides free skype to skype calls and also cheap international calls. Last year(not sure of the time), o2 aquired and now they're offering International Favoirites and lets u call any 3 international numbers(within supported countries) for just £10 month! That is amazing(although o2 failed to keep my country in the list, i mean it was but now removed).<br><br>What I'm suggesting is that GG can hook up with a voip provider and give us similar services and that would be great! Well, at this moment only one name I'd like to suggest and that is Many of us use fring for free voice/video call over 3g/edge. They also offer very cheap rates. Instead of calling over 3g, together GG &amp; fring could offer us much cheaper direct(like Three &amp; Skype) international calls. Maybe there could be goodybags where can get unlimited text, unlimited web, bundle of UK mins and also bundle of international mins.<br><br>Kudos me if u like my idea and if u've any better idea please post here and support the thread! Thanks.
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Good idea - international calls and texts could be part of a new goodybag ?
great idea dude Smiley Happy
Having both international text & calls would be great. My main concern is international calls as we already have an unbeatable solution for text from unlimited international text for £3/month! Thanks for your reply.
genius = 50 a day is not unlimited in any way shape or form.
Well, thats still 1500 a month? And 50 text for just 10p. Isn't that cheapest yet? Anyway, thanks for pointing that out. I don't think its gonna be profitable for GG to get us even cheaper deal.

This is duplicate idea:


Last heard of this it was 'under consideration':


Status: Under Consideration

Hi all, We are considering the possibilities when it comes to VOIP gateways and are currently working with Ja Jah to see what we can do. At the moment we have no set plans however, nor a date of implementation if we ever get that far. Hence this idea has its status set to 'Under Consideration'. Cheers, Vincent



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Although, its a similar idea but my suggestion on choosing a provider was different. In thread the poster suggested skype for voip gateway while skype is only cheap for europe & america. Call rates to most asian countries is still not so good. While fring does it pretty well on offering cheaper(or maybe cheapest) calls to asia as well as europe-america. FIY, call rates to bangladesh, india & pakistan mobile are accordingly 1.7, 0.9 & 4.3 € cents/min(less in GBP) and calls to USA mobile is only 0.7 € cent/min. These are the cheapest rates to my concern. So again, please guys support the thread! Doesn't matter whatever voip provider GG chooses, we want it implemented and we want cheaper international rates. Thanks.

I been forwarding a skype account that costs me £8.40 for 3 months to landline access number to that i topup with 10 euros every 3 months but you keep the balance for other types of calls to get account for that i can call freeCanada, China ,Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Hong Kong,Hungary,Ireland,Italy,Japan,Malaysia,Morocco,Netherlands,Norway,Peru,Poland,Portugal,Slovenia,South Korea,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,United Kingdom,United States and mobile uk moblies 4p a minute but does have a 0.039 EURO connection fee and my skype moble does not even need to be topup as well as running 4 moblies off this system.