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Choose to appear offline...

Choose to appear offline...

I think there should be an option to 'appear' offline to people.

You can currently hide your status, but sometimes you might want to show your online status, and sometimes appear offline.

Like on some IM systems.

There could be a simple button saying appear offline.
I dont see a reason why that is necessary on giffgaff to be honest, but non the less alright idea
Cant see why?
former giff-staffer

This seems quite handy from a staff perspective. 

giffgaff; ergo sum
Show online status to
Yes bonusball, but that just shows an annoying gap....

It's a fairly standard option on many systems. However from a personal perspective I can't see it being that useful, not on giffgaff anyway.


The thing is if you are online what are you going to be doing? posting publicly and a quick glance to the left on your about me page and you have a timestamped history of when you last posted so even if you are appearing offline it doesn't take a genius to work out that you're not really offline.


I agree Hazel that you'd find it useful because you read the boards (and I spend a lot of time reading I must confess) but for most members if they are online then they'll be interacting so the hidden online status won't really achieve much but for an educator it would be useful.

I originally thought up this idea for the staff....
handy fo staff i rekon

If the idea was aimed at staff (which I don't believe it originally was despite what the OP claims) then I won't kudo it.  I like to know when there are educators etc online. Smiley Wink