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Christmas Special - Double Kudos

Christmas Special - Double Kudos

On Christmas Day most of us will be enjoing our presents, time with our families, the Queen's speech, Grandma snoring after dinner etc etc.


Meanwhile  many (hopefully) people across the UK will be getting their new mobile and giffgaff SIM from Santa. And some will need help!


So as a special reward those truly exceptional giffgaffers that do a shift on Christmas Day they get all  Kudos earned on 25 December doubled just as a thanks from giffgaff for keeping the customer service up-and-running.


If this is too tricky to implement then maybe a special Christmas Yo-Ho-Ho Kudos award worth 5 ordinary kudos for anyone getting kudos or authoring a solution.


Just seems like a nice festive thing to do to give our most dedicated members a little festive cheer!


I'ts a nice idea. But seeing as it has no link to payback whatsoever (or it only contributes a little). It wouldnt have much of a diffrence. But its a nice ideaSmiley Happy


I agree kenya it is a nice idea. I'm getting an iPad for Christmas so I'll be on here and Christmas day no doubt answering a few questions!!!!!!!  :smileyhappy:

Vincent - what's the latest on this?
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Any update on this? It's been accepted, but I've not seen any details of how it might work. Thanks

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Status changed to: Implemented
It's Christmas 'Eve and this has now been implemented. Happy holidays everyone! Smiley Happy
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Great news - cheers Vincent and merry Christmas!!!!!


Your getting an iPad?
Can't use that on GiffGaff mate :/

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......unless it's on wifi

grand master

or you have another network just for the ipad


brill ideaSmiley Happy