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Christmas Special - Double Kudos

Christmas Special - Double Kudos

On Christmas Day most of us will be enjoing our presents, time with our families, the Queen's speech, Grandma snoring after dinner etc etc.


Meanwhile  many (hopefully) people across the UK will be getting their new mobile and giffgaff SIM from Santa. And some will need help!


So as a special reward those truly exceptional giffgaffers that do a shift on Christmas Day they get all  Kudos earned on 25 December doubled just as a thanks from giffgaff for keeping the customer service up-and-running.


If this is too tricky to implement then maybe a special Christmas Yo-Ho-Ho Kudos award worth 5 ordinary kudos for anyone getting kudos or authoring a solution.


Just seems like a nice festive thing to do to give our most dedicated members a little festive cheer!


I absolutely love Christmas: and I absolutely love this idea. I manage a customer service call centre team and I always make a point of thanking those in my team that volunteer to cover the unpopular shifts. I also have the highest employee opinion scores. This idea doesn't cost anything and an appeciative gesture, however small. goes a long, long way in my experience. Lets hope giffgaff feel the same about "their team" too.

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If Andreww thinks he is spending Christmas helping GiffGaffers whilst I do all the cooking and entertain the children and his mother he's got another think coming!!  


There will be nothing in Christmas stockings for him this year!!

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Well that's told me! Lol
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Hehe, I like the idea and will see what I can do for those of you who put in the effort during the holiday season Smiley Happy
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Ho Ho Ho - thanks Vincent!!!!


What a fantastic festive idea. As other mobile networks' employees will be getting double time over the Xmas period it would be a great gesture to give loyal giffgaffers double kudos.


I see that Vincent has accepted this idea which is a lovely gesture.


Has there been any announcement about how it might work?


I've been really busy at work and havent logged in for a while, so apologies if I have overlooked it


Thanks :-)

its a nice thought but can i ask and maybe wrong kudos does not mean payback. yes its a small part of it but other factors are taken into the equation. lets say you helped everyday got tones of kudos you only fall into band 1 like so many other and earn the same. maybe giving users who help out an incentive of free minutes or something would be better. cant see loads sat on here just to get a few extra kudos clicks.

Great idea m8 although i dont think your other half is too impressed at the prospect of you earning some double kudos yourself Smiley Very Happy

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Cheers da1000. I'll sneak updairs and get my laptop out whilst they're all playing charades! Lol