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Christmas Special - Double Kudos

Christmas Special - Double Kudos

On Christmas Day most of us will be enjoing our presents, time with our families, the Queen's speech, Grandma snoring after dinner etc etc.


Meanwhile  many (hopefully) people across the UK will be getting their new mobile and giffgaff SIM from Santa. And some will need help!


So as a special reward those truly exceptional giffgaffers that do a shift on Christmas Day they get all  Kudos earned on 25 December doubled just as a thanks from giffgaff for keeping the customer service up-and-running.


If this is too tricky to implement then maybe a special Christmas Yo-Ho-Ho Kudos award worth 5 ordinary kudos for anyone getting kudos or authoring a solution.


Just seems like a nice festive thing to do to give our most dedicated members a little festive cheer!

Thats a brill idea as not everyone in the gg community celebrate christmas and as there maybe alot of peoples voices it would be much easier and quicker to answer

good idea, but it has been mentioned on forums often kudo's are merely a way of saying thanks. other than a feel good factor they haveno direct bearing on payback


personally i would be unhappy if i put in a good months efforts in community, took a day off and discovered i was moved down to band two or possiby three because few guys done a good days community work

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Scrooge!  Kudos is a way of thanking others, exactly! Giffgaff should say a big thanks to the Christmas Crew for "keeping the wheels-on-the-bus"


It doesn't really affect what's not to like? I won't be on the boards that day, but it's good to know some people will probably be helping out so they deserve a bit of recognition.


Come on.......IT'S CHRISTMAS.....  :-)


i no scrooge but saying thanks is saying thanks whethere you say it once or 5 times


i agree with principle of extra rewards for community participation over festive period  but how about  a more direct reward that gaurntees a reward


how many posts are helpful and informative but never get a kudo's???


so in theory you could do a one man excellent shift on xmas day and get nothing at all


it all upto the individual if they give kudos.  remember it be newbies on xmas day, wanting there new toys working. and working fast. they wont care to read the forum, search the forum , or the fact your just joe public helping

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I think we agree on the principle kevvy57 - that it would be nice to see a reward of some kind for outstanding dedication to duty that day!  I'm happy to leave the fine detail up to giffgaff HQ - they know what's possible  to put in place if the Community like the idea. But if they don't, that's fine too!


Nice idea, kudos!


Or would you like we to wait until the 25th to kudos this? XD




If you choose to use giffgaff on christmas day then it is 100% your choice - I don't feel it is really needed to give people any special reward for doing so. It is a voluntary service, not like our paramedics, police, doctors firefighters etc who have to work on Christmas day. Where is their 'double kudos'?


Not everyone is a Christian on here.. Don't forget people that don't celebrate Christmas, Also some orthodox Christians have xmas day a few days after.. I doubt very much gg's customer service / community will suffer on xmas day.. If anything it will be busier as nothing is worth watching on TV.. 


I personally don't feel that GiffGaff should give  special rewards to people for helping over Christmas.  Like someone else said; It is a voluntary service.  Actually this would be a good time to help others without  expecting something in return.  


Christmas is a time of giving.. We should all be giving to gg for giving us a fantastic network that listens and pays us to help them..