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Clarify premium rate call pricing

Clarify premium rate call pricing

At present the UK call price list contains the following entry for premium rate call prices.


Premium calls (charged per call or per minute)50p to £2.50 per minute



However, the Special Charges Code of Practice page is a lot more helpful.


It states the number ranges this applies to and better clarifies the pricing.


Making calls to premium rate numbers starting 090, 091, 09850p to 80p per call, or
80p to £2.50 per minute


Crucially, there's also a link to a PDF file with detailed call pricing for all of the individual prefixes within those ranges.



Please update the price list page with the details from the latter entry and add a link to the detailed call price PDF file.


Calls to premium rate numbers starting 090, 091, 098
For detailed listing click here

50p to 80p per call, or
80p to £2.50 per minute



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Agree it should be up to date and clear pricing
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Can you send link to vote not showing on phone
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Come in giffgaffers this is good idea give the kudos

great idea

A link from the UK prices page would be very useful.
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This idea has been sitting on the board for over 3 months without action. These changes really shouldn't have to be dependent on obtaining 20 kudos before action is taken to update and improve price lists.

There are other numbers that don't seem to be covered at all by any of these price lists. The People's Millions voting run by ITV this week used an 090 number for landlines to vote, and a 7-digit shortcode for mobiles to vote. The 7-digit shortcode started with 6228 and the other number started with 09015228 and the two numbers were linked so that you could only vote 10 times and it recognised and counted if you tried using both numbers. Both numbers were supposed to cost 15p per call, and this was correct on giffgaff and on Orange PAYG using the shortcode. The 090 number was charged at 50p on giffgaff. Non-BT landlines were charging slightly more for the 090 number. Talktalk 16p and Virgin 15.6p

The price currently quoted by a service provider for calling their 084, 087 or 09 number is that which applies only if you call it from a BT landline. BT retail call prices for 08 and 09 numbers are capped by regulation and differ from all other providers. That regulation (the NTS Retail Condition) ends on 26 June 2015.


Call prices for 084, 087 and 09 numbers when called from other providers are higher. giffgaff 09 call prices can be found in the PDF file mentioned here.


The new unbundled tariff system will bring much needed clarity to these prices when it comes into effect on 26 June 2015. Ofcom recently soft launched their new Clear Call Rates for Everyone publicity campaign and website. See:




  • premium calls are confirmed as being those beginning 090, 091 and 098
  • a link to more detailed call pricing for 090, 091 and 098 numbers has been added

The remaining item is to clarify the range of per call and per minute call prices that are currently in force.



another great idea from iano11,,a kudo from me ,my friend.