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Comments and Suggestions on 4G

Comments and Suggestions on 4G

It's the first day for 4G trial. 


Officially, the reason that giffgaff is hosting a 4G trial is that they want us to test how fast is 4G and how 4G is working in different regions, and eventually attracting more customers to increase their profits.. 

However, there are already many members saying that 1GB for a 4G goodybag trial is not enough. We all know that we rely on internet very much nowadays, we spent time to watch videos, to send textsxand surfing etc. If 1GB is only available for members to test the speed of 4G, it is undoubtedly insufficient.


So here's my suggestions,


(a) Increasing the data allowance of the trial goodybag

(b) Redesign goodybags for 4G, allow non-members to try on the new 4G network, but giving discounts to current members, pricing strategies should be discussed later with reference to cost and stuff which we will have no hands on.

(c) Shorten the 4G trial period. Having such a long period might not be effective and cost efficient.

(d) Might consider to provide discounts and other benefits to members who are willing to try on the 4G network? More feedbacks, lead to greater improvements, which can also attract more consumers, can it not?


Please, hoping that people can support this idea, and Giffgaff implmenting it


1GB does seem really small for 4G.  However I'd like 4G in my area so I could see how long/short it lasts.  I'm hoping once the trial is over the data allowance is revisited.


Indeed, let's hope GiffGaff realise the problems that current members are facing, which is having not enough data allowances.