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Contacting an Agent or Educator

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Contacting an Agent or Educator

There are a lot of questions asked where the only real response is to contact an agent or an educator.

While there is a link under 'My giffgaff' to contact an Agent, it isn't quite so easy to find out how to contact an Educator.


My idea would be to have a 'Contact Us' link which then has sublinks to contact either an Agent or an Educator. I feel that this would make it much easier for people to find.

Yeap I agree with u that would make life a lot easier
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At the bottom of the page there is a contact us bit but there isnt a link for educators, just agents, i think their should be a like for educators too!


You contact an educator by just clicking on the drop down on the top right hand side of a post - Options (report content). Asking an agent via your mygiffgaff page. This is obviously related to posts Smiley Happy


Okay, then 'Report Content' should be changed into something more obvious :-)


That would make too much sense! Smiley Wink

I ate the FAQ
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