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Continue Using 1st Class Postage for Replacement Sims

Continue Using 1st Class Postage for Replacement Sims

Hi all,


People are probably aware that giffgaff is changing the packaging that sims are sent out in, in order to save costs. Fair enough.


It was announced on the Service Updates notice board

that this would include changing to 2nd class postage for sims. Again, fair enough.


However, when asked, giffgaff (eventually) said that this would also include replacement sims


Message 23:

naiha wrote:

Thanks for your comments, replacement sims will also be sent out on 2nd class postage.


Thank you

This is where I have a problem. I think replacement sims should continue to be sent out 1st class. If you lose your phone, it is stolen or you have a technical problem with the sim, you need that replacement sim as soon as possible



A quick search also throws up this idea, of being able to request an express delivery option on replacement sims:

But even though Robbie said it was under consideration in January 2011, nothing further has happened with this idea!



People may also be interested in this idea, which wants giffgaff to delay the changed until after Xmas: 


thanks for the continuing support people


just to say i have edited the idea to include a mention to aandms idea about delaying the change to 2nd class postage until after Xmas, which people might also want to support:


2nd class post is fine, with me.  I always keep a couple of sims in the house anyway.


giffgaff do need to save money . so it all help.

big cheese
Macphee70 this is replacemt sims we are refering to not just any sim. It had your number and all monies on it, so far you can't just have account moved from a damaged or lost ect sim to one you have in the house.
My idea got deemed not suitable, people have been asking for 2nd class postage for a long time(possibly the same amount of time we will be waiting for sims)

@ aandms, that doesn't bode well for this idea then.....Smiley Sad

big cheese
I don't think so it's similar but not the same
@rong this is still being considered, replacement sims are more important than delaying the rollout of 2nd class sims. Hopefully giffgaff see this and continue using 1st class for replacements.

Does the UK really have two different post speeds?


Do they have a bucket to keep the second class stamped ones in for a day or two before they join the system again?


How can they let mail travel at two different speeds?


I sent two first class recorded letters with memory cards in them last week.  Both arrived  - but the sticker had been ripped off so the postman did not have to return it.


With service like that its tempting to claim the value of the "lost" cards - as it seems they are covered up to £46.  It might sound a bit unfair on them - but a similar problem in the past meant I had to return home then apply to come back into the UK again.

Perhaps my first class recorded they lost the previous time was accidentally put into that second class bucket - and the people at the border agency just continued treating me like that!