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Continue Using 1st Class Postage for Replacement Sims

Status: Implemented
by rong42 ‎17-10-2011 15:13 - edited ‎21-10-2011 09:19

Hi all,


People are probably aware that giffgaff is changing the packaging that sims are sent out in, in order to save costs. Fair enough.


It was announced on the Service Updates notice board


that this would include changing to 2nd class postage for sims. Again, fair enough.


However, when asked, giffgaff (eventually) said that this would also include replacement sims


Message 23:

naiha wrote:

Thanks for your comments, replacement sims will also be sent out on 2nd class postage.


Thank you

This is where I have a problem. I think replacement sims should continue to be sent out 1st class. If you lose your phone, it is stolen or you have a technical problem with the sim, you need that replacement sim as soon as possible



A quick search also throws up this idea, of being able to request an express delivery option on replacement sims:


But even though Robbie said it was under consideration in January 2011, nothing further has happened with this idea!



People may also be interested in this idea, which wants giffgaff to delay the changed until after Xmas:


Status: Implemented
Hi guys - this has now been implemented with out new packaging: From Naiha's blog: "Another bit of good news for you all is that the Lost and Stolen SIM packs (the Oops pack) will be delivered by 1st class post, so you won't have to wait too long Smiley Happy"
by jaycat
on ‎18-10-2011 13:36

@aandms - I agree, I actually think all sims should be 1st class still, for the same reasons I gave in my earlier post, to do with brand image.

by samlowe
on ‎18-10-2011 16:14

@giffgaff_1 - How about giffgaff send out SIM's first class, and just take 10p from my credit or payback to make it upto a first class?

by allan1954 soothsayer
on ‎18-10-2011 18:14
i agree first class post for replacement sims.
by duddriks
on ‎18-10-2011 20:55
At the end of the day, if you have lost your sim and need it replaced, you should receive it a.s.a.p as you cant use your phone else. So I back your idea/campaign
by aandms
on ‎18-10-2011 21:02
how about giffgaff get a normal system like every other network and allow you to transfer your stuff onto a sim you have at home? No need for any post then and should take a few hours like other networks
by emilina
on ‎18-10-2011 21:06

aandms I think that would be an even better solution. 

by rong42
on ‎19-10-2011 08:46

thanks for the continuing support people. don't forget to check out (and support) aks782's idea as well (link in the PS at the bottom of the idea)


@aandms I agree, that would be even better

by vorb
on ‎19-10-2011 09:35

I had no idea replacement sims were sent 2nd class.  Bonkers!



by big cheese pinkcalculator
on ‎19-10-2011 09:39
Vorb only just announced and maybe giffgaff would reconsider on seeing this thread and the support it has.
by geekeh
on ‎19-10-2011 11:17

It would also be nice if you could just transfer your account to any existing non-activated sim, o2 have this facility so i'm not sure why giffgaff have to send out a replacement barred sim, when a lot of us have spares for giving ot to people etc.


You ought to be able to just send a message to an agent with the sim number of the new sim, and it be transferred across.


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