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Continue Using 1st Class Postage for Replacement Sims

Continue Using 1st Class Postage for Replacement Sims

Hi all,


People are probably aware that giffgaff is changing the packaging that sims are sent out in, in order to save costs. Fair enough.


It was announced on the Service Updates notice board

that this would include changing to 2nd class postage for sims. Again, fair enough.


However, when asked, giffgaff (eventually) said that this would also include replacement sims


Message 23:

naiha wrote:

Thanks for your comments, replacement sims will also be sent out on 2nd class postage.


Thank you

This is where I have a problem. I think replacement sims should continue to be sent out 1st class. If you lose your phone, it is stolen or you have a technical problem with the sim, you need that replacement sim as soon as possible



A quick search also throws up this idea, of being able to request an express delivery option on replacement sims:

But even though Robbie said it was under consideration in January 2011, nothing further has happened with this idea!



People may also be interested in this idea, which wants giffgaff to delay the changed until after Xmas: 


It took 4 days for my replacement SIM to arrive: that's way too long.


Surely the amount of replacement SIMs needed is a small percentage of the overall number & so the total extra postage cost wouldn't be a significant amount?

the sim packs should be second class (like they are now)


Lost sims Should be FIrst class

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Status changed to: Implemented
Hi guys - this has now been implemented with out new packaging: From Naiha's blog: "Another bit of good news for you all is that the Lost and Stolen SIM packs (the Oops pack) will be delivered by 1st class post, so you won't have to wait too long Smiley Happy"

woot! Smiley Happy

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Glad you're happy - it's a brilliant idea Smiley Happy 


Blimey, if reversing a poor decision by giffgaff is a "brilliant idea", aren't you going to run out of superlatives for an idea that makes a net step forward?!Smiley Happy

Replacements should always be sent 1st class. Kudo's..