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Council of Elders

Council of Elders

Hi Guys,

I came up with this idea last week and then saw the post called 'the one year+ club'. My idea is similar to that one however im not competing in any way and i hope for some kind of comprimise between the ideas.


My Idea

To have a 'council of elders' board which only members with 1000+ posts can post on


The Uses of this Board


To allow experienced members to have a stronger voice by putting forward there ideas


To allow experienced members to converse maturely 


To ask questions that you feel only experienced members will now as opposed to the regular board where newbies will attempt to answer something to which they have no knowledge about



Thanks for reading!!!



EDIT: I also feel this board will allow the educators to have a more dignified 'meeting' with the more experienced giffgaffers on the board to come to a better conclusion


EDIT2: with the advice of caballeropi I have decided that it may alos be wise not just to do it by 1000 posts but also by a certain amount of Accepted Solutions


A council of Giffgaff Elders???


Will we have an archbishop who comes into office based on being the top contributor of posts. Or perhaps we could choose him using white or black smoke as they do in Rome.


Top contributors based on volume of posts will not necessarily mean top contributors based on knowledge or ability to solve problems faced by new giffgaffers. Just look through almost any topic on the boards and you will find meaningless repetition and even post that are carbon copies of previous ones.


I feel sure I could reach 1000 posts in a very short time and become a Giffgaff Elder but I can't guarantee my comments would be worth reading.


I can't really see any value in a group of 'elders' who will be in the main, teenagers...

just cos someone has posted a 1000 times doesn't mean anything they say holds water.

How about a council of 'over 40's'? at least they'd be able to draw on some life experience.

big cheese

My sentiments here are much the same as the One year+ club:


I have to agree that a lot of posts doesn't necessarily mean a lot of good posts - quality over quantity every time :-)

Have you ever read George Orwells "animal farm" ? Enough said! :-)
People can make their own decision on what ideas or advice they wish to accept using their own criteria. It does not require a group of self appointed individuals to do this.

I'm not in favour of this idea. As for one it will encourage more and more people to get to the 1000 post mark for the purpose of getting into this "elite" group and not helping out giffgaffers. So for the moral sense. I'm afraid not.


Probably based on the quality of answers consistently provided by a member could be tagged as an educator or expert. In my opinion this should be done only for the plan/call/goody bag related questions... A bright idea or innovative suggestion can come from anyone, it may be a college grad or grand pa... We cant say for sure all innovative ideas have come from Elders always...


Whoops - I misread the opening gambit of this idea and hence gave it kudos. Can't take it off though :/


I am in favour of a 1+ year forum.


But not for a 1000+ posts forum, for reasons noted by other gaff giffers above.


Sorry :'(

grand master



go to options ,top right of your post and revoke kudo.Smiley Happy


Thank you joolzian... I've learned something today... here, have the kudos I just got back Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy