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Council of Elders

Council of Elders

Hi Guys,

I came up with this idea last week and then saw the post called 'the one year+ club'. My idea is similar to that one however im not competing in any way and i hope for some kind of comprimise between the ideas.


My Idea

To have a 'council of elders' board which only members with 1000+ posts can post on


The Uses of this Board


To allow experienced members to have a stronger voice by putting forward there ideas


To allow experienced members to converse maturely 


To ask questions that you feel only experienced members will now as opposed to the regular board where newbies will attempt to answer something to which they have no knowledge about



Thanks for reading!!!



EDIT: I also feel this board will allow the educators to have a more dignified 'meeting' with the more experienced giffgaffers on the board to come to a better conclusion


EDIT2: with the advice of caballeropi I have decided that it may alos be wise not just to do it by 1000 posts but also by a certain amount of Accepted Solutions



Sounds a good idea altho im not at a 1000 yet lol


SOmething to encourage you to work towards Smiley Wink!!


Everything that has to do with a minimum number of posts tends to make people spaming on forums only to get the required number and always affects the quality of service in a negative way.


@caballeropi thats a very good point so i maybe i should add that they need to have a certain amount of accepted solutions too!!

giffgaff head-scratcher
Any type of segregation of members by statistics such as these will enevitably lead to accusations of elitism by people outside of it, even if it is done with all good intentions. Many of the people who might be part of this group had to start somewhere with no reputation, and had to earn any respect they might currently enjoy. If interaction between what might be seen as senior members and giffgaff happens and restricts contribution from newcomers then the community could lose out on fresh views on subjects

There are many wise people on the forums with very few Accepted solutions as like me they quickly discovered that there are already enough members trying to earn their payback that way. I think in the unlikely event that this is accepted it should be by amount of payback received which is probably one of the few ways to fairly judge someones contribution.


Number of posts, kudos, length of time here , nor rank are good indicators of ability or knowledge unfortunately.


It's been shown time and again that number of posts does not equate to amount of knowlegde.


I dont see why not but i dont really see the attraction to it.