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Create a list of "non-landline" prefixes

Create a list of "non-landline" prefixes

The current version of the "non-mobile numbers" list (dated 26 November 2013) can be found here. It lists various 07 prefixes which are used by a variety of dial-through and automated services and which do not count towards goodybag allowances. These calls are charged at 20p per minute.


There are many forum posts mentioning the fact that there are a number of similar services using 01 and 02 landline numbers. These are supposedly charged at 8p per minute and, likewise, do not count towards goodybag allowances. There is no mention of these in giffgaff price lists or elsewhere.


Please create a list of these "non-landline" prefixes.


For clarity, please also arrange the list of prefixes into a three column layout like that used in the premium rate numbers price list.



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Sounds like a good idea. 


If there are a lot of non-landline services, it may be easier to have a list of the landline prefixes - this could reduce the amount of updates the non-landline page would require?


As a guide, since original compilation in 2011, the "non-mobile" prefix list has been amended just once, in 2013, and appears to be due for another update.


I think the only "non-landline" numbers will be Channel Islands/Isle of Man.


I have seen mention of various London and other mainland numbers being excluded from goodybags. It is those to which this idea refers.


Landline prefixes for Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man are known (01481, 01534, 01624) and detailed in a separate idea.


Good idea 💡 I need to memorise the numbers above which not part of goody bags

Do we have direct evidence or sample numbers that fall into the "non-landline" category? Because my first reaction to that is probably someone whose goodybag was run out or queued.

ace of spades
Other than Isle of Man and channel island numbers There's just one (01,02, 03 ) number that isn't included in a goodybag allowance That's the o2 international calling card number 020 3505 5555 And is 8p per minute