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Custom Phone Numbers

Custom Phone Numbers

Some sim providers (like Truphone for example) are following suit of VoIP providers, by offering users a choice of phone numbers on sign up.

This could be a limited selection of numbers from giffgaff's pool - but I think it'd be a great touch, if you could select your own number on SIM activation.

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Hi all, we don't really think this is suitable to giffgaff. Our systems aren't actually set up to work like this, as you get a number assigned to you on activation (hence there is no number on the actual sim or packaging). Also, how many of you know any actual numbers these days of any of your mates? So if it still interesting to have a 'memorable' number?

Hi Vincent,


Believe me - there is a HUGE demand for 'Golden Numbers', with the best ones changing hands for thousands of pounds!  


Also, if you were not aware, Truphone SIMs are also provisioned with numbers at time of activation - just like GiffGaff accounts.


By not offering user selctable numbers, you are throwing away something that many users want - and are willing to pay for!


You may wish to reconsider your NO response to Calvin....







GG could make a small packet in golden numbers.. (I would buy one!)

As for the suggestion on how many people know their mates numbers...... I know every single persons number and landline from memory..  (maybe because my last mobile would't let me dial from the phone book) lol


Certainly not! These numbers are available in a vast number of outlets online, no point in clogging up resources here!


I don't see the point in this. These days everyone has numbers in their phones. You don't even have to write them down anymore, just copy and paste or store the number when someone rings or texts you from it. Besides, any phone number can be remembered by anyone with half a brain. Write it a few times, say it aloud, no problem.


I chose my own number a few years back on the old MVNO that was 'easymobile', at logon there were pages of available numbers to choose from. There were gold numbers that they charged a premium for, or you could just choose an ordinary memorable number for free. And because i could do this, it made me join 'easymobile' over the other operators at the time. Iv'e kept the same number ever since. It could easily be set up and it would draw in MORE members, giving you more of an push over the others.

Nah, as people have said above, we have important resources here already in use. If you want a number as such, go buy one, then port it over Smiley Happy

id love custom numbers shame 


Now this would be something I'd like to see I'm looking at starting my own business and would love to use the last 5 numbers to spell out part of out name or 8 to spell the full name (but that would be a long shot in the dark if that number would be available)