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Data only customers should be able to choose email rather than sms notifications

Data only customers should be able to choose email rather than sms notifications

What it offers: The choice of how a data only sim customer is notified when almost used up data allowance; as some data only devices are unable to receive an SMS Proposal: Customer logs into account and changes from the default SMS warning to either the account email or another specified email address Benefits: Customer; better notification where using a device that does not support SMS GiffGaff: Lower costs as not paying to send SMS to customer Viability: Great idea?
this is a good idea!
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i hadnt thought about it but yeah your right. good idea

Can you log the data use on the PC ir whatever it is, in the connection manager?


Brilliant idea - bring it on!!  I'm using a data only sim in my iPad2 so can't get text messages.  Suprised that email notifications aren't already used.


You don't need special software to connect to mobile broadband (you can connect using the standard windows network connection wizard) but you would need software to get SMS. Given that the two do not go hand in hand, an email option should be provided as suggested.

inspiron42 not everything runs windows Smiley Happy I actually want to use for this unit: Hence the email request.

This obviously is needed for devices such as the iPad. Also for feature Windows 8 tablets, who knows if they will support SMS or not.

Sounds like a good idea to me! Smiley Wink Not too sure why they do it thru SMS when your on the net, it pops up on your screen with 3. So yes emails would allot better then an SMS

Yep, sounds like a good solid idea to me. Kudos.


An adjunct to this idea:


Most people who use a data only SIM probably have another mobile number.


So how about a switch option in 'My Details' where SMS messages can be directed to the Alternative Number if one is provided?

@timbo_uk windows was only an example which I used to support your idea. I do believe there are one or two users out there.